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Tasty canned tomato paste in good price

Tasty canned tomato paste in good price are available. This product is not recommended. For those who are allergic to tomatoes. Avoid using unsweetened canned food. Stay away from cans with a change of color and smell. Tomato paste should be kept in the refrigerator after opening. One of the natural happenings for this product. It is moldy. Due to poor storage conditions. So, keep it at 4 ° C to keep it from melting. Do not open or close the refrigerator a lot. Do not overload the refrigerator capacity. Avoid placing the infected fruit and greens next to the paste. And be sure to keep the paste in glassware.

Tasty canned tomato paste

Describes how to prepare tomato paste at the factory

Tomatoes are in a basket of 25 kg. Enter the factory. After weighing it on the loading platform. Weighs Delivered to the basket.

It is located on the loading platform of a cement pond. The floor is covered with lattice plates. And full of water. Tomatoes are evacuated from the basket in the pool water. The bottom of the pond is, of course, suitable. Exit valve open. And tomatoes flow easily along the water in the canal. This canal has air pipes. Blown air from these pipes causes the water to swell. And the result is a better wash.

Tasty canned tomato paste

The Benefits Of Tasty canned tomato paste in good price

Researchers at the Valencia University of Technology in Spain said. Tomato paste is useful for intestinal health. Researchers have been studying since many years ago. They have studied a variety of foods. In terms of benefits to the body. which one can reduce the risk of disease. And generally improve health. now it is specified. Tomato paste is effective in improving intestines.

According to nutrition experts. Probiotic-containing foods, like all types of yogurt, are good. Can increase the number of good bacteria in our gut. And affect the health of our bodies. Recently, researchers at the Valencia Technical University in Spain have been studying. How to interact with intestinal bacteria with antioxidants. They reviewed and found out. Tomato paste that is rich in antioxidants. It can be effective in the presence of good bacteria in the intestine. It has a very good effect on the intestines.

Tasty canned tomato paste


Lycopene in tomato paste

Tomatoes contain a pigment and an antioxidant called lycopene. It takes care of cells. Against malicious factors. These researchers have discovered. That tomato also has probiotic properties. And can increase the activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. They found some kind of good bacteria in tomatoes. Which can interact with the antioxidant in the tomato. And have beneficial effects on the health of the intestines.

On the other hand, researchers looked at the consumption of cooked or raw tomatoes. They concluded that the antioxidant properties of tomatoes are good. But this effect consumes when it consumed raw. When the digestive process disappears. But the cooked shape and paste is good. It can also increase lycopene antioxidation during digestion. And absorb the body. So tomato paste is better. Compared to raw tomatoes

The researchers say. Tomato paste contains probiotic and antioxidant. It’s good to eat or cook tomatoes. You can be effective in boosting intestinal bacteria. And so increase your bowel health. Generally, increase your health. use Tasty canned tomato paste in good price.

Tasty canned tomato paste

The value of tomato paste food

1 tbsp Tomato paste contains only 13 calories and no fat. This means that it probably will not help in weight gain. It also provides 244 vitamin A units. Which is good for eye health and reproduction. It is important for the fetus to grow. Although the paste does not have as much vitamin C as tomato. Tomato paste, however, still has about 3.5 milligrams of these antioxidants. Which helps improve safety. Helps repair body tissues. It is also the source of vitamin K. And there are several types of vitamin B. One tablespoon of iron tomato paste.

Tasty canned tomato paste

Other value of tomato paste food

It Contains 5 mg of iron. Which is useful for helping the red blood cell function better. In addition, a tablespoon of potassium paste. 162 mg of potassium. It has to help your body. It is useful for regulating liquid and minerals. Adding any preservatives is prohibited. Adding thickener and paint to paste is prohibited. And cheating. These items are being examined in the food lab. And cases of violation are reported to the law enforcement agencies. It is therefore recommended to the respected consumers. Use of industrial tomato paste. Make sure you have products that have a valid manufacturing license.

Allow authorized tomato paste. Whose health principles are being followed. Get this product in low volume. Hold the glass container. And keep in the refrigerator. Avoid buying industrial paste. Stay away from unauthorized paste.

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