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Top quality tomato paste company in Europe


Bulk tomato paste is a paste that has not yet been used for packaging in cans. This paste is marketed by many manufacturing plants. They also produced it to produce their own canned paste. And for brands that do not have a factory can use them. The price of this paste is determined based on Brix and in different seasons, it will be different by the Top quality tomato paste company in Europe different.

Top Quality tomato paste company

Specifications of bulk tomato paste

  • The price of bulk tomato paste is lower than the aseptic type due to the lower costs they incur on the manufacturer.
    At the same time, this type of tomato paste has salt.
    Bulk tomato paste is packaged and marketed in cans and other containers in the low season (winter).
    Brix 30 and 32
    Most are stored in the refrigerator.
    Used only in the country.
    It is used for factories that produce sauces, canned food and tomato paste packaging
    Does not last more than 6 months.
    230 kg
    Identification of fungal contaminants of bulk tomato paste in the cold storage
  • In bulk paste, which is produced in most domestic factories as a concentrate (brix 32-30), the level of fungal contamination of the product is high. Because the paste produced immediately after concentration, in non-aseptic conditions, the barrel is filled in bulk and no thermal curing operation is performed on it.
    Depending on the storage temperature, fungal agents in the paste, especially in the surface layer, begin to work.
  • A thick layer of mold completely covers the surface of the product.
    The main fungal contaminants of bulk tomato paste have been identified in the cold storage.
    The main fungal flora of bulk tomato paste in the cold storage are the moldy species Penicillium and Aspergillus.
    Despite the use of temperatures around 0oC and concentration of the product to Brix 38, the increasing trend of pH, Howard number and total count of fungi during storage, indicates the growth of fungi in the product.
    Food Industry Company is engaged in the production and export of tomato paste in various weights, as well as tomato paste aseptic. This company can register orders for domestic and foreign exchange. You may have heard the word aseptic many times in the food industry. Aseptic is a production process in the food industry and is a process method for pre-sterilized liquid products (especially food or pharmaceuticals).

aseptic packaging process

The aseptic packaging process includes the following:

  1. Sterilize the packaging material or container and close it before filling it with tomato paste
    Sterilize equipment involved in tomato paste processing
    Maintain sterilization throughout the production system
    Differences between retailers and wholesalers
  2. Establish a link between the wholesaler, the manufacturer and the retailer.
    But the retailer is the link between the seller and the customer.
    Prices are lower in wholesale, prices are relatively higher in retail.
    The volume of trade is high in wholesale but low in retail
  3. The capital required in wholesale is huge and in retail is small.
    The variety of products in wholesale deals is limited but in retail is different.
    Tuna and the art of selling are less needed in wholesale, but absolutely needed in retail.
  4. It does not need advertising in wholesale, but it needs advertising in retail.
    The area of ​​operation in wholesale is extended to different cities, in retail is limited to specific areas.
Top Quality tomato paste company

Top Quality tomato paste company

  • Food Industries Company, a manufacturer of quality tomato paste, has always tried to select the machines in order to maintain the maximum useful properties of tomatoes, especially lycopene (red pigment) and other available antioxidants:
    Healthy products
    Of a pretty color
    Away from impurities
  • Free of any heavy metals
    The price is right
    To produce and package and provide to the final consumer
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