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Top seller of tomato paste canned for export in Italy

Tomato paste 800 g is a paste in small dimensions and suitable for home use. Which is also produced by the Top seller of tomato paste canned for export in Italy in glass packaging and metal cans. Tomato paste produced 800 g, in our brand has high quality and reasonable price; These two features have caused our brand to have a superiority and a special place over other brands. Tomato paste due to its high nutritional value.

Top seller of tomato paste

Top seller of tomato paste

  • The wholesale price of 800 g tomato paste varies according to its quality and brand. One of the most reputable brands of tomato paste is the Aymaz brand.
    There are cans of different types in different packages of tomato paste. Which most factories produce.
  • Tomato paste in Italy weighs more than 800 grams for most cans. The lids of these cans are both keyed and simple, but easy-to-open models are much more popular in the market.
  • The tomato paste in the can for the inside should have at least a briquette equal to 27, and finally, 2% salt.
  • But when it comes to bulk purchases from different brands, it ‘s best to get them in brix food labs. Accordingly, the selling prices of pastes are different. As a result, you should not be tempted to go cheap or complain about expensive prices.
  • Therefore, make your purchase in person from the top seller of tomato paste.

Prices of canned tomato paste for export

  1. In order to know the selling price of cheap tomato paste in bulk in the market. There are several ways we can get the price.
  2. Usually the selling price of paste in different brands is different from each other. Therefore, to inquire about the price, you should contact a wholesaler of different types of tomato paste.
  3. Tomato paste is one of the most widely consumed foods among families. And each person uses a type of paste according to their taste.
Top seller of tomato paste

Wholesale sale of 800 g tomato paste

  • Wholesale sales of 800 g tomato paste in cans, in both key and simple lids.
  • Tomato paste 800 grams is more consumed at home. Therefore, it has a very good wholesale.
  • The advantages of buying 800 g cans of tomato paste for families are as follows, which we will discuss.
  • Affordable price
  • Proper weight
  • Small packaging
  • Low placement in the kitchen space
  • Wholesale sales of 800 g paste in different brands are done on our food industry site.

How is tomato paste produced in Italy?

  • The process of producing tomato paste is not very complicated. So that anyone can easily make tomato paste at home.
  1.  First, we prepare a suitable tomato that has a firm texture.
  2.  Wash the tomatoes thoroughly.
  3.  We take the skin and tail of the tomato.
  4.  Put it in water and boil.
  5.  After it is lukewarm, crush it.
  6.  After crushing the tomato in boiling water, pass it through a strainer.
  7. In the last step, boil the tomato juice until it is completely dry.
  8.  You must be very careful not to let the paste settle at this stage.
  9.  At this stage, pour the paste into a container that does not reach the air.
  10.  Of course, it is also suitable to use unglazed earthenware jars, which cause all the paste water to be absorbed.
  11. Then store it in a cool, dry place.
  • As you can see, preparing tomato paste is not a difficult task. And it can be done easily. Today, due to urban life and apartment living, it is not possible for most people to produce tomato paste indoors. Hence they prefer. To buy tomato paste without any hassle and by paying a fee in the factory.
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