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Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste 2020 in Mali

Do you know the Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste 2020 in Mali? In this article, we will introduce the most reputable tomato paste store in Africa.

Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste

Tomato paste production process in the factory in 2020

Tomato paste is one of the areas of interest in the food industry. Because it is used in all countries. What process is used for the best paste produced in the factory in 2020?

  • Drainage, washing and dewatering unit: The drainage, washing and dewatering section includes different stages during which tomatoes are imported into the factory in bulk or with a basket, then by performing a series of processing processes, filtered tomato juice is obtained at the end of this section. The processing processes performed in this section include sorting, crushing, pre-cooking and pulping, which are performed by washing and sorting machines, crusher, preheater and turbo filter, respectively.
  1. Washing channel
  2. Lifting bar
  3. Tomato Crusher
  4. Fairy Heater
  5. Turbo filter
  6. Stainless steel tank for storing tomato juice
  • Concentration unit: Concentration unit is the most important part of a tomato paste factory that consumes the most energy and performs the main production process. The concentration of bulk paste obtained at this stage is very important and usually has a brix degree of 34 to 38. To achieve this degree of brix, a multi-stage (continuous) Continuus device with the ability to adjust the final brix is used.
    This device has an automatic function, so that the operator only needs to record a certain degree of brix in the control panel of the device to continue continuous concentration to achieve the desired brix. At the end of this section, the paste with high brix is ​​pumped directly to the packing section after leaving the Continuus device.
  • Multi-effect evaporator Continuus effect: Packing unit: The packing operation in the bulk paste production line is done by direct pumping from the Continuus machine to 200 kg polyethylene barrels. The packing process is such that first the barrels are covered with nylon and then the paste is poured into the nylon.
    Due to the high concentration of the paste, after a while, the upper part of the paste becomes clotted. In this case, the paste bags are 2 cm thick, salted, and then the nylon is pulled and the lid of the barrel is closed. The final paste product, which is offered in barrels, can be stored outdoors for a week to two months, depending on the climate of the region.
Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste

Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is produced in different ways in factories. The same type of production process makes this difference. And the type of packaging. For example, if low or high heat is used in production. We will have two types of tomato paste, hot break and cold break. Also known as aseptic if packaged in blue plastic barrels. Which is mostly used for export. The top supplier of bulk tomato paste should use the standard process in its production, which we explained in the previous section.

Top Supplier Bulk Tomato Paste

The most reputable tomato paste store in Mali

Mali is one of the most important countries in Africa. Because it has a good position geographically as well as in terms of sales of gross domestic product. But due to the high consumption of tomato paste in this country, many stores are operating in this field. We will introduce the most valid ones to you. Just contact us.

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