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Trade tomato paste first class canned all over the world

Which reputable company does Trade tomato paste first-class canned all over the world? In which countries are the top tomato paste factories located? Do you know the difference between the nutritional value of tomatoes and tomato paste?

Trade tomato paste
Trade tomato paste

The difference between the nutritional value of tomatoes and tomato paste

You may have been asked this question many times. What are the differences between tomato and tomato paste in terms of nutritional value? In the continuation of this section, we will answer:

  • Lycopene in tomato paste is higher in fresh tomatoes than lycopene due to its high temperature. But the vitamins in tomato paste have been lost due to the proximity to heat. And in general, tomato paste is far richer in antioxidants and anti-cancer substances than lycopene. But the vitamins in tomato paste are far less than in tomatoes themselves.
  • Therefore, it cannot be claimed that tomato paste should have more nutritional value than tomatoes because they are more colorful. The goodness of tomato paste depends on how it is made. Because tomato paste is made in a vacuum, it usually turns red. And it doesn’t turn black. Of course, the tomato paste, which is very light in color, is also made from Cal tomatoes. And the very darkness of the tomato paste also indicates that the vacuum machine did not work properly.
Trade tomato paste
Trade tomato paste

trade Tomato paste all over the world

Tomato paste has many properties. In some cases, even raw tomatoes themselves are more beneficial to human health. Here are some amazing properties of this product:

  • So tomatoes are very important both in making homemade pastes and in their industrial methods. The paste contains many properties, one of the most important properties of which is the presence of an antioxidant called lycopene.
  •  This antioxidant is found in most red fruits. But the main source of this substance is tomatoes.
  •  One of the most important steps in making a tomato paste is to make the heat paste. In this efficiency, lycopene is released due to heat.
  • This means that its antioxidant properties increase. And it can be said that tomato paste is one of the products that can be very important in people’s health.

Therefore, due to these properties, the consumption of this product is increasing day by day all over the world.
That’s why the tomato paste business is booming among other food industry products. And it is exporting and importing from different countries of the world.

Trade tomato paste
Trade tomato paste

First class canned tomato paste factories

First of all, we mention the advantages of buying and using factory and industrial tomato paste:

  • But most of the time, usury is produced at home by non-specialist producers. Because it sees too much heat, it loses its antioxidant properties. And it’s nothing more than nutrients, so it’s best to use factory jars.
  • The salt used in homemade pastes is non-standard. And people with high blood pressure can’t use it.

Tomato paste is prepared in cans and glass packages. Here are the differences between the two:

  • Canned paste is better because the can of tomato paste can be better sterilized in an autoclave than glass tomato paste.
  •  Of course, the glass is also heated and autoclaved and sterilized. But the amount of heat they put into cans is higher than glass.
  •  Because tomato paste cans are much more resistant to heat than tomato paste glass.

One of the characteristics of first-class tomato paste is that it is prepared from organic tomatoes and is also colorful and tasty.
Therefore, to receive the contact numbers of the factories that produce this type of products, contact our sales expert.

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