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workshop Tomato Paste manufacturers

Do you know who is the most reputable workshop Tomato Paste manufacturers? Join us to introduce you to the best products in the world.

workshop Tomato Paste

Familiarity with the production line of workshop tomato paste

In this section, we will introduce you to the production line of workshop tomato paste:
Tomato paste production generally involves the processes of preparation, dehydration, concentration and packaging. Tomato paste production processes are done with different mechanisms depending on the amount of automation and production capacity, by examining the needs of producers, offers various solutions for the production of tomato paste. Although tomato paste production strategies can be customized according to the needs of the producers, in general, there are several standard solutions that can be used typically to produce tomato paste, according to experts.
Production of tomato paste by industrial method
Production of tomato paste by workshop method
Production of tomato paste by home method
Industrial paste production line
The industrial paste production line consists of 4 main parts that receive tomatoes during an integrated operation and offer the final product of tomato paste in cans or jars. Industrial paste production is a method in which all operations are performed automatically and only in cases such as sorting and machines such as fillers that need an operator, manpower is used. The 4 main parts in the industrial paste production line are:
1. Preparation section: includes operations of emptying, washing and sorting tomatoes
2. Dehydration section: includes tomato crushing operations, dehydration and smoothing of tomato pulp
3. Concentration section: includes vacuum cooking process by Bach evaporator and Continuus (multi-stage)
4. Packing section: includes filling, sealing, pasteurization and shearing operations
Industrial paste production line machinery
The production line of industrial paste from the beginning of the operation to its end includes 17 machines that are located in a linear or U-shaped manner in order of operations from washing to packing.

Production of workshop paste
The workshop paste production line generally includes all parts related to production and packaging, but by simplifying the processes and reducing the number of machines, it is implemented at a much lower initial cost than the industrial paste production line. The production capacity of paste in the workshop method is usually between 5 to 10 tons of tomato input per day, which on average one-fifth of this amount is converted into tomato paste. The workshop paste production line generally includes the following sections:
1. Preparation section: includes draining and washing tomatoes
2. Production section: includes all stages of production including concentration, capping and filling
3. Packing section: includes printing operations and can sweetening
Machines for the production line of workshop paste
A workshop paste production line, which completely completes the production and packaging processes of tomato paste, includes 10 machines.

workshop Tomato Paste

The best producer of tomato paste in the world

Tomato paste is produced in different brands in the world. But do they all have the necessary quality and standard criteria? The answer to this question is certainly no. Because not all of them can have the basic principles of production. But we will introduce you to the best manufacturer of these products. So contact us.

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