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All kinds of aseptic containers packing tomato paste in Bangladesh

Do you know All kinds of aseptic containers packing tomato paste in Bangladesh? What is the price of tomato paste in Asia?

packing tomato paste

All kinds of containers for packaging tomato paste

There are special containers for each product. They are also used to package tomato paste. Which we refer to below:


  • One of the oldest packages was glass packaging. Aseptic glass is chemically neutral and does not react chemically with its internal materials. And also the taste of the product packaged in glass does not change. Other advantages of glass are impermeability, odorless and hygienic. Basically, glassware has good strength. And it can be made in different shapes and sizes. Transparency of glass is another advantage. This transparency makes the buyer aware of the quality and quality of the product inside the glass. In addition to the mentioned advantages, glass and glass containers also have disadvantages in the packaging industry. Glass is sensitive to thermal shocks and external factors and has a higher breaking rate than other raw materials. The heavy weight of glass is another disadvantage that increases the cost of transportation.

metal dishes

  • Aseptic is currently usually made of metal cans by various companies or the production of these metal cans is produced in its own production line in some factories. However, reports indicate that these days in European countries and The United States has reduced the percentage of metal cans used to package canned food. One of the advantages of metal cans is the shelf life of food in it compared to other raw materials. This shelf life of food in metal cans is much longer and the contents of metal containers can be used for up to about two years. Other properties of these cans are resistance to external shocks and high heat. The toxicity of these cans is low; Packaging raw materials have shown high resistance to the penetration of light moisture and oxygen.

Aluminum containers

  • Aluminum is one of the newest raw materials in the packaging industry (aseptic). For more than forty years, aluminum containers have been a major part of the raw materials in the packaging industry. The abundance of this metal as a natural source, its inherent properties, heat tolerance and recovery with advanced energy, has led to it being used for packaging a variety of materials. More than 8% of the Earth’s crust is made up of aluminum.
  • One of the advantages of aluminum is that it is less sensitive to oxygen and moisture. This is due to the formation of aluminum oxide on the surface of the foil or tape. Note that oxidized surfaces are sensitive to heat. When using aluminum for the production of packaging raw materials, its surface should be covered with varnish or a layer of plastic material.

plastic dishes

  • The history of using plastics in the packaging industry dates back to after World War II, and today the use of plastics is of paramount importance in terms of consumption. Compared to other consumables in the packaging industry, plastics have much less weight and price. It is relatively lower and also plastic has a very high ductility in automatic packaging machines. This type of packaging is resistant to a large number of acids and alkalis. In addition, in some packaging factories, special additives add to the benefits of plastics. In the face of all these benefits, the environmental problems that plastics pose put designers at a disadvantage.

Paper containers

  • We know many cellulose products by this name. In addition to being very light, the paper also has good flexibility, aseptic, good shape and printing, and is a good barrier against light. One of the important advantages of paper is its high rate of decomposition in the environment and its recyclability. In contrast, paper has disadvantages such as lack of necessary resistance to the penetration of moisture, gas and oil. Also, the paper is not sewn and loses its original shape when in contact with water.
packing tomato paste

Price of aseptic tomato paste in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the Asian countries. Which imports tomato paste into the country aseptically. Which buys from other Asian countries. Which has a different price depending on its quality.

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