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Export of aseptic Tomato paste Brix 36% -38% to Cameroon

How is the Export of aseptic Tomato paste Brix 36% -38% to Cameroon done? Who is the best seller of tomato paste in Africa? What is the lowest price of bulk tomato paste?


aseptic Tomato paste Brix
aseptic Tomato paste Brix

seller Tomato paste type brix in Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the largest countries in Africa. It is one of the major importers of tomato paste. And they make their purchases based on the types of brix ordered by customers. Here’s a look at the Brix Index:

  • Brix is ​​one of the main bases for preparing tomato paste. And it’s important for both the producer and the consumer. And it will show the percentage of tomato paste concentration. Brix tomato paste can be said to be the total amount of water-soluble solids and is measured by a device called a refractometer.
  • Normally, the acceptable amount of brix is ​​25. The sweeter the tomato, the more brisket the tomato paste has. And the higher the percentage of tomato brix. Made tomato paste has a better quality. The standard Brexit grade is typically between 25 and 28, which is approved by the National Standard Organization of Iran.
  • Preparation of tomato paste begins with washing and cleaning the tomatoes. After that, the tomatoes are crushed with special machines. When they are crushed, they add some heat to the tomatoes. To kill tomato enzymes. And the skin and seeds of tomatoes are simply separated from their flesh.
  • After crushing, the tomatoes are filtered with a filter. Until the water is completely separated, then the tomato juice is poured into the thickener and pressed under pressure and vacuum. Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste. When the Brix of solid tomato juice paste material reached twenty-eight, the standard Brix. It will be packed in special cans.

There are a lot of tomato paste sellers in the world. But the most reputable of them are the representatives of the suppliers of this product. Our company sells tomato paste without intermediaries and directly from the factory.

aseptic Tomato paste Brix
aseptic Tomato paste Brix

Price of aseptic tomato paste brix 36_38%

As we mentioned in the previous section about Brix. One of the most common percentages is 36-38%. The price of different types of aseptic tomato paste Brix depends on other parameters besides its percentage. But one of the most basic is Brix. The higher the brix, the higher the price of this product. But in the following we will explain more about aseptic:

  • In the sample, the aseptic packaging is healthier than bulk. And the barrels in which the tomato paste is kept are sterilized.
  • The optical packaging that is being considered for the paste these days is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging.
  • Of course, in addition to tomato paste, other perishable foods can also be provided with this packaging. Bulk specimens must be placed in the refrigerator, but this is not required for all types of sputum.
  • On the other hand, the export of aseptic tomato paste has attracted more and more foreign customers every day.
  • aseptic Brix tomato paste is 36-38% with new barrels suitable for export. And the aseptic Brix 38-36 paste is sold with a regular barrel suitable for use in domestic factories.
  • It should be noted that aseptic paste is of high quality and high durability. And it is suitable for producing tomato sauce and other quality products.

The specifications of the tomato paste produced vertically are as follows:

  • Concentrated tomato juice
  • Tomato paste with Brix 38-36%
  • Pure tomato paste without by-products such as food coloring
  • Standard salt content
  • without preservatives
  •  Tomato paste is stuffed in special bags and then placed in spastic barrels.
  • Weighing 230 kg
  • Blue metal barrels
  • The texture is very firm and dense
  • high durability
aseptic Tomato paste Brix
aseptic Tomato paste Brix

Export bulk tomato paste to the whole world

As mentioned in the previous sections, aseptic is a type of packaging of tomato paste, which is requested in the export discussion more than the type of packaging and canned food. For this reason, bulk tomato paste is sent all over the world more than other types of this product. Tomato paste is usually exported to African countries from Asian or European suppliers. And wherever you are in the world, it is enough to contact us to buy.

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