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export canned tomato paste 2.2 kg to benin

export canned tomato paste 2.2 kg to benin are made every year in large quantities by the best supplier tomato paste. The price of tomato paste depends on many factors, such as the amount of brix index.

canned tomato paste 2.2 kg
canned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Supplier canned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Tomato paste consists of a main ingredient, which is tomato. But according to different people’s tastes, different spices and vegetables are added in different places.
And it is produced in various flavors and is used in a variety of foods. But the important question is, do all tomato paste have a good color and taste? The answer to this question is definitely no, and that’s because not all suppliers meet the required standards when producing tomato paste. Tomato paste is marketed in packages in different weights.
And the maximum demand for canned tomato paste is 2.2 kg. Because it has a good volume of paste that can be used in a short time.

canned tomato paste 2.2 kg
canned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Price of first-class canned tomato paste

Canned tomato paste is one of the most popular packaging among consumers consuming this delicious condiment. Because everyone is produced in the types of weights needed.
And on the other hand, due to the type of packaging, this product can be easily used in travel to prepare a variety of foods. But as we said in the previous section, not all paste brands in the market are of the required quality. That has different reasons.
But a first-class tomato paste must have the standards of the Food and Drug Administration of that country as well as the World Food Organization.
One of them is the use of standard salt in this product. But you may be wondering what the price of first-class tomato paste depends on, some of which are as follows:

  • Quality
  • Expiration date
  • Weight
  • Brand name
canned tomato paste 2.2 kg
canned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Export Brix tomato paste to Benin

Africa is one of the continents with high consumption of tomato paste. And the most important of them is Benin, which buys a lot of tomato paste every year. Which are usually ordered based on the amount of brix. In the following, we will define Brix, which is one of the important indicators in the export of tomato paste:

  • Brix is ​​one of the main bases for preparing tomato paste. And it’s important for both the producer and the consumer. And it will show the percentage of tomato paste concentration. Brix tomato paste can be said to be the total amount of water-soluble solids and is measured by a device called a refractometer.
  • Normally, the acceptable amount of brix is ​​25. The sweeter the tomato, the more brisket the tomato paste has. And the higher the percentage of tomato brix. Made tomato paste has a better quality. The standard Brexit grade is typically between 25 and 28, which is approved by the National Standard Organization of Iran.
  • Preparation of tomato paste begins with washing and cleaning the tomatoes. After that, the tomatoes are crushed with special machines. When they are crushed, they add some heat to the tomatoes. To kill tomato enzymes. And the skin and seeds of tomatoes are simply separated from their flesh.
  • After crushing, the tomatoes are filtered with a filter. Until the water is completely separated, then the tomato juice is poured into the thickener and pressed under pressure and vacuum. Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste. When the Brexit of solid tomato juice paste material reached twenty-eight, the standard Brexit. It will be packed in special cans
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