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Top exporter tomato paste 36_38% Brix in Malaysia

Do you know Top exporter tomato paste 36_38% Brix in Malaysia? Do you know the price of tomato paste in Asia?

Top exporter tomato paste

The price of Brix tomato paste is 36_38% in Malaysia

The price of Brix tomato paste is 36_38% slightly higher than other percentages. Which is most in demand in Malaysia. We will first define Brix. And then we explain how to measure it:

  • In the simplest definition, tomato paste is an indicator for measuring the concentration of tomato paste. Brix in tomato paste is a number that indicates whether the paste has the right concentration or not. The more brix the tomato paste, the higher its quality and the less you need to achieve the desired color and aroma. Of course, BRICS can not be too much and in Iran there are standards for it.
  • If you want to know the scientific and exact definition of brix in tomato paste, you should make some introduction. As you all know, tomato paste is obtained by concentrating tomato juice, so part of this seasoning is definitely water and part is the solid substance dissolved in water. In paste factories, the percentage of solids dissolved in water is measured using special instruments. The number obtained from these measurements is called the tomato paste brix.
  • The higher the tomato paste brix, the lower the water content of the paste, which means that you need fewer tablespoons of tomato paste for different foods. It should be noted that homemade pastes also have brix but are not measured. In fact, homemade tomato paste brix is ​​obtained visually and tastefully. That is, the person who cooks the paste, after observing the desired concentration, turns off the heat of the paste, because excessive thickening of the paste (especially homemade pastes) causes it to darken.

Measuring the degree of brix of tomato paste

  • Measuring the degree of brix of tomato paste according to the test method provided by the National Organization for Standardization is that first the sample prepared from tomato paste should be poured into filter paper.
  • And after smoothing, he put a drop of it inside the refractometer. A refractometer is a device that estimates the transparency of solids by calculating the refractive index of light.
  • And it is sometimes called a refractometer. Before dropping the sample drop into the refractometer, a drop of distilled water should be placed on the eye of the device.
  • And set the marker degree to zero. When the droplet from the filtered sample is placed on the lens of the refractometer and next to the drop of distilled water.
Top exporter tomato paste

Top exporter of tomato paste in Asia

Do you know the standard Brix percentage? In this section, we will explain to you. That you can buy better. Because our company is the top exporter of tomato paste in Asia:

  • According to the National Standard Organization for Brix, tomato paste should be between 25 and 28, ie if the number listed as Brix is ​​in this distance, the concentration of tomato paste is at the standard and desirable level. Brix more than 28 is a harder paste, of course, the thicker the paste, the better the quality, but the less brix indicates that it is thin. The thinner the paste, the more it is used.
  • Brix is ​​one of the most important criteria for determining the quality of tomato paste, so from now on, in addition to the brand, pay attention to this number when buying to buy high quality tomato paste. It is interesting to know that the sweeter and more meaty the tomatoes, the more brix, naturally it will taste better in such a paste.
  • On the paste can, a phrase with the theme of brix without minimum salt is also inserted, which conveys the meaning that the minimum brix of the product without salt will not be less than 25 under any circumstances.
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