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Aseptic process tomato paste cheap in Asia

Are you familiar with Aseptic process tomato paste cheap in Asia? What is the price of tomato paste on this continent?

Aseptic process tomato paste

 Aseptic processing tomato paste

The aseptic process of tomato paste in Asia is defined and implemented as follows:

  • Aseptic processing is the processing of commercially sterile and cooled food products being filled into commercially sterile containers under aseptic conditions. The package is hermetically sealed to produce a shelf-stable product that can be stored at ambient conditions.
    As the food product and package are sterilized separately, a wide variety of package designs and materials can be used for aseptic processing as compared to pasteurization or retorting. In addition to rigid glass and metal containers, flexible polymeric materials and semi-rigid paper/Al/plastic composites that offer cost benefits and convenience can be used without sacrificing product quality (Floros, 1993).
    However, flexible pouches lack rigidity, and package integrity may get compromised during handling and distribution. Aseptic filling systems have also been designed for HPDE and PET bottles (Ammann, 2001). Bottles made by blow molding are sterile and can be used directly for filling the product.
    For aseptic bulk packaging and storage, containers like tanks, totes, pouches, and bag-in-box systems are used. Factors like seasonality, cost, convenience, quality, and global competition have made aseptic bulk packaging popular, particularly for processed fruit and vegetable products
  • Aseptic processing, also known as aseptic packaging or aseptic filling is, without doubt, the most significant of the last developments in food technology (Sastry, 1989; Wllhoft, 1993; Reuter, 1993; David et al., 1996; Sastry and Cornelius, 2002). The basic principle of aseptic processing is shownAseptic” processes were developed already before WW2 and commercially applied in the 1950s (Singh and Nelson, 1992; Jairus et al., 1996).
    The early applications were liquid and semiliquid foods, such as cocoa drinks, custards, and banana puree. The packages were, invariably, metal cans and the process was therefore called “aseptic canning.” The pumpable food was continuously heated to sterilizing temperature in heat exchangers, and after holding, continuously cooled. The cans and lids were sterilized with steam or a mixture of superheated steam and air.
    The sterilized food and the sterile cans then come across in an aseptic enclosure that contained the filling machine and the seamer, closely coupled. Aseptic conditions were maintained by a number of measures such as disinfectants, a steady stream of superheated steam, UV radiation, etc.
    The aseptic enclosure was kept at slight overpressure to prevent penetration of air from outside. Compared to normally canned foods, the products were of superior quality but the process was cumbersome, slow, and expensive.
  • New technologies that allowed aseptic filling into flexible packages were developed in the 1960s. The output of the lines increased steadily. At first, the main product of commercial aseptic processing was UHT (ultahigh-temperature) milk in cartons. Gradually, applications expanded to almost any pumpable low- or high-acid food such as soups, gravy, dairy desserts, creams, soymilk, fruit juices, nectars, etc.
    The innovations included in-place formation of the package from laminated paper, plastic sheet, or film, sterilization using hydrogen peroxide, followed by hot air, filling and sealing in one machine, etc. The packages suitable for aseptic processing now include carton boxes, pouches, trays, cups, large bags in boxes, metal barrels, etc.
Aseptic process tomato paste

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