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tomato paste standards Brix suitable in Asia

We have explained the tomato paste standards Brix suitable in Asia in full and in detail in this article. We have also mentioned how to measure the paste brix.

Trade tomato paste
tomato paste standards

General characteristics of tomato paste standards

  • In this section, we address the important issue of the general characteristics of tomato paste standards:
  • Tomato juice: Fresh and ripe tomato juice that is obtained after washing, separating, dehydration and passing through a strainer.
  • Tomato paste: Fresh and ripe tomato juice, which is concentrated inside the system under vacuum in steel containers until it reaches a minimum concentration of 25 degrees Brix, excluding salt.
  • Appearance color: The natural color of tomato paste obtained from fresh and ripe tomatoes, which is obtained after dehydration and concentration under vacuum.
  • Taste: The feeling of the taste of tomato paste prepared from fresh and ripe tomatoes.
  • Smell: The sensation resulting from the smell of tomato paste prepared from fresh and ripe tomatoes.
  • External materials: Insects, eggs, larvae, pupae, body parts, insects, plants, sand, soil and other minerals inside the product.
  • Fullness: The ratio of the volume of the contents of the container to the total volume of the container is called fullness and is expressed as a percentage.
  • Additives: Adding any flavorings, preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers and dyes is prohibited.

Final product features

  1. Unacceptable: These are factors that, if present, make the product unacceptable.
  2. Organoleptic (sensory) properties of tomato paste
  3. The red color of ripe tomatoes
  4. Free of external odor, sourness and has its own odor
  5. Free of burn taste and has its own taste
  • Metal contaminants: Contaminants in tomato paste should be in accordance with the national standard, human-animal feed – maximum tolerance of heavy metals.
  • Microbiological characteristics: The microbiological characteristics of tomato paste must be in accordance with the national standard, microbiology of canned food – characteristics and test methods.
  • For packaging tomato paste, glass and metal containers, flexible multi-layer packaging bags and barrels for aseptic packaging can be used, provided that all the specifications of the packaging, including material, type, consumables and how Internal and external sealing and sealing, dimensions, capacity, coating, wall varnishes inside and outside the can and in glass in accordance with relevant standards. The net weight of household packaging in metal containers should be only 3000, 4300, 800, 400, 140, 70 in terms of grams. The net weight of household packaging in other containers should be a maximum of 1 kg.
  • Food industry and guild consumption packaging: Maximum net weight up to 5 kg is allowed. If packed in weights larger than 5 kg, it should be packed aseptically. To mark a canned tomato paste product, in addition to the need to comply with the general requirements of the standard, the general characteristics of food packaging labels, important points must be clearly and legibly written for export in English, or in the language of the buyer country. Be printed or labeled.
tomato paste standards

Measuring the appropriate brix of tomato paste in Asia

  • In the National Standards Organization, a device called a refractometer is used to measure the brix of tomato paste. Pass the test sample through filter paper before starting the measurement. Until the water is completely absorbed, then a drop of paste is placed next to a drop of distilled water on the refractometer kit. A person who looks with the naked eye. He sees the water as clear and the paste as black.
  • In such a case, the operator must adjust the device so much. That the image of distilled water and paste reach the desired level in terms of darkness and light. The number obtained during this adjustment process. Half the brix is ​​tomato paste. Multiply it by 2 and you get the perfect brix. The refractometer operator must be careful. Set the device to zero before starting. It should be noted that brix is ​​measured in tomato paste without salt.
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