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The best brand of tomato paste canned in Japan

Which is The best brand of tomato paste canned in Japan? Is Homemade and Traditional Tomato Paste Harmful Compared to a Factory tomato paste?

The best brand of tomato paste

The difference between canned and homemade tomato paste in Japan

In this section, we explain the difference between canned and homemade tomato paste in Japan with the advantages and disadvantages of the two:

  • It does not matter if you cook most of the time or not, tomato paste is a commodity. Which you always have in your fridge. This food is similar to fresh tomatoes; And it has the same properties as tomatoes (which are a good source of antioxidants, iron, potassium and B vitamins). Tomato paste is made by stirring fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes are then flattened to remove their skins and seeds. And the tomatoes are boiled for at least a few hours to evaporate their water.
  • Tomato paste has anti-cancer properties. Tomato paste is a great source of lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant. It belongs to the vitamin A family. We often hear the name lycopene in its anti-cancer properties, especially prostate cancer. Recent studies, however, have shown that lycopene is effective in reducing the risk of stroke in addition to its anti-cancer properties. Studies show that eating about 4 to 8 mg of lycopene a day is good for your health, a tablespoon of tomato paste containing 4. 6 grams of lycopene.
  • Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant. But it also produces neurotransmitters and collagen, which protect your skin and ligaments. Antioxidant ability prevents free radical damage in the body, vitamin C protects damage to your skin from direct sunlight. Men should take about 90 mg. Take vitamins daily; women also need 75 mg of vitamins daily. The daily intake of pregnant women should be 80 mg per day. And smokers need 30 mg more. One tablespoon of tomato paste contains 3.5 mg of vitamin C.
  • Tomatoes contain vitamins that ensure the health of the consumer! From vitamins C and A, folic acid to minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus and… are all present in tomato fruit.
  • If this high-quality fruit is not done in standard conditions and under the supervision of nutritionists when it becomes tomato paste. And traditionally, people make traditional tomato paste in the sun and in unsanitary conditions. This action, in addition to destroying the properties of tomatoes such as enzymes and beneficial vitamins, creates toxins in the paste that are harmful to the body and endanger the health of the consumer!
  • Traditional usury is very unhealthy. According to misconceptions and unscientific rumors that traditional lentils are healthier than industrial lentils and factory lentils are considered to contain preservatives. This belief is wrong because it is based on research conducted by the University of Medical Sciences. Traditional pastes, in addition to having no nutritional value, also endanger the health of consumers! These days, bad eating habits have been carried out by unscientific beliefs. It endangers the health of many people. Which has led to a variety of diseases and endangering public health!
  • In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Medical Sciences. Due to the negative publicity that has been done about industrial tomato paste. According to misconceptions and unscientific rumors, traditional usury has been introduced as healthier than industrial usury. And factory-made pastes are considered to contain preservatives. If the results of research by nutritionists show that: “Substances called sodium benzoate are formed in traditional pastes. There is approximately 1,200 mg in one kilogram of these products. This substance has a toxic state. Therefore, according to the results of this study, it is recommended to strictly avoid consuming traditional tomato paste. And consume products that are in standard conditions and approved by the Ministry of Health.
The best brand of tomato paste

The best brand of tomato paste in Asia

Tomato paste is widely used in Asia. And everyone may be looking for the best brand of tomato paste to buy. It is better to pay attention to the quality of the product first. Because some brands reduced their quality. In this collection, we have collected the best brands and put them at your disposal in an email.

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