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Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum

Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum are ready. Tomato is one of the vegetables. And with spicy and juicy fruits. This plant is native to South America and central. Which transferred to the rest of the world during the colonial period of Spain. Different types of herbs exist throughout the world today. Of course, tomatoes are vegetable gardening. In the absence of the core, it is considerable as vegetable category.

Tomato Genealogy and Best Quality Tomato Paste

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene. This fruit is useful in different ways today. It is raw or as one of the ingredients for food. It is consumed in a variety of sauces and drinks. And an important part of the diet of people in many countries. The cultivation of this plant is generally high. It has an area of about three million hectares. Which accounts for nearly a third of the world’s cultivation area. Even though tomatoes are considerable to be a botanical science. But often it is known as trichotomy.

Tomato belongs to the diet of potatoes. And from perennial plants. Due to its economic importance, this plant is the subject of many research and research. And in genetics it is recognized as one of the pattern plants. The research carried out on this plant in 1990 allowed the production of the first transgenic species allowed. Which was produced for consumption and trade in the USA. The most important product is tomato paste. Tomato paste is the most delicious food stuff. Which produces and consumes several hundred million tons annually.

 Tomato varieties in terms of shape and size

– Classical Round Tomatoes. Usually the most common are tomatoes. In most parts of the world, fruits are round and with two to three chambers and with a single fruit weight of 100-70 grams. The shape of tomato is round.

– Cherry tomatoes known as Cherry (Cherry tomato). Sliced cherries. The weight of a single fruit is 20-10 grams. They have a good color variation (red, golden, orange and yellow). Being sweet is very welcome.

– Cranberry tomatoes (known under the name of the overseas) or olive (known in Iran as this name). With the same characteristics of the cheesecake tomatoes, its brush has been stretched first.

– On the world market, olive tomatoes are dominated by cheese because it is tight. Its shelf life is high. And a little bit more delicious. These tomatoes are mainly clustered. Not a grain Because of high labor costs. Because they are fine. Problems are coming up. They are then clustered. use Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum.

The effect of light on the quality of tomatoes and tomato paste

The more qualified tomatoes, the more qualified tomato paste.Tomatoes need a lot of light. Therefore, in places where winter and autumn are not enough light. The greenhouse coverage and greenhouse coverage should be considered. And be careful about its location. Unless you need to use artificial light. Lack of light is especially bad in the winter months. Because it reduces the growth and development of the plant. This disrupts flower formation and fruit growth. The average light intensity required for tomatoes is 20,000 lux.

Equipping the greenhouse with fluorescent lamps is essential to overcoming the lack of light. Deliver to Viva at the stage of production. And it is necessary in places with cloudy weather. Pay attention to young seedlings. Lighting hours should not exceed 17 hours. use Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum.

Main tomato paste production process

The washing and crushing process to perform. Only certain tomato juice will remain. Wine juice gets heat in special boilers under high pressure. This process is done to achieve viscous paste. Add some salt to this paste. And some oil is added. A very small amount is useful as a retainer. Tomato paste is now ready to pack. Tomato paste is available in packages of 540 and 800 grams, which is mostly home-made. Packets of 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 grams are also produced. Bulk paste requires higher brix. Best Quality Tomato Paste in Cans and Drum are available.



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