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Fresh Canned Tomato Paste

fresh canned tomato paste is under concern. Plants play a decisive role in our lives. They give us more oxygen. They provide food and vitamins. Refreshing our lives. The presence of plants is very important in our lives. Some species are very important to us. Wheat is, for example, an industrial and vital plant. Life without wheat can not be imagined. The plant is another tomato. Without a doubt, the most important fruit in human food is tomato. Vegetable tomatoes are very high-quality. Raw and cooked. Nymphs are useful. Fruit is useful. Mix it with salad. Also, tomato paste is the type of product that matters. Paste first. The second is tomato sauce. And the third is puree or canned tomatoes.


Fresh Canned Tomato Paste

The important role of tomato paste in human life

Along with all this, we must say. Tomato paste is useful to a great extent in the food of all the people of the world. Tomato paste is the most important tomato product. Although the use of paste until 50 years ago in the whole world was not known. But today, cookies are unobtrusive. Can I assume a paste-free lasagna? Can Tomato Sauce be Deleted? Tomato paste has a special place for itself. But how to find a good paste. How does the paste ever be produced? How to identify the right brand. Paste with what standard weights. How can you order a huge amount of paste? Which sand paste to buy. Buyers and tomato paste merchants ask them. Even domestic consumers are asking. In this article, we will examine some of these.

Fresh Canned Tomato Paste

Production method of tomato paste

First, tomatoes are laid out without damage. They bring them to the truck with special boxes and light boxes. The truck then takes tomatoes to the factory. They remove broken wounds tomatoes. Then the tomatoes flush to the first stage. Then enter the water pond. In this pond, they drown in between water and air bubbles. This method separates them from Mud. They are then rinsed again by high pressure water. At the next stage, they will be cut into a machine. Then they are crushed in the mill. Here the gum skin is roughly separated. Then this mixture is entered into the filter. The three steps of the filters isolate the waste material.

Fresh Canned Tomato Paste

The stage of tomato paste production process

At the end, only certain tomato juice will remain. Wine juice gets heat in special boilers under high pressure. This process is done To achieve viscous paste. Add some salt and oil to this paste. A very small amount of maintenance is added. Tomato paste is now ready to pack. Tomato paste packes in packages of 540, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 grams. Bulk paste requires a higher brix. And is usually in 220kg barrels.

Know better fresh canned tomato paste

Research has also shown that organic tomatoes have more complex compounds. Relative to commercially produced fruits. And have a better taste. Tomatoes are likely to have higher levels of Lee coupons. It has been shown to help open the blocked veins. And it is one of the main pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

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How to know the quality of tomato paste

Tomato paste is today in various brands. But every brand is not good. How to find good tomato paste. Get the best brand ever! That is before anything. Buy a good item. Commodity is known. Have Health Permits. After that test the paste. Smooth paste is smooth. Do not leave Its color is dark or very clear. It does not have a bitter taste. Not salty. Smells good. Has a genuine tomato taste. Do not burn in hot weather. In the hot oil, it is not fragmentary. It does not contain solid particles of sand. You can use the paste film test to do this. Put a thin film of paste between two pieces of glass. Press a little to make the paste thin. Solid particles and impurities are in this state. use fresh canned tomato paste


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