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Buy a variety of tomato paste quality and natural in Asia

Are you familiar with Buy a variety of tomato paste quality and natural in Asia? Do you know the difference between greenhouse tomato paste and agriculture and industry? Join us to find out the answers to these questions.

Buy a variety of tomato paste

Buy a variety of tomato paste natural

To Buy a variety of tomato paste natural, we must first pay attention to the different models of production of this product. Which is available in two forms. Production of tomato paste with a variety of greenhouse tomatoes and other models with a variety of local and industrial tomatoes. Which will be explained below:

  • Greenhouse Tomatoes: This type of tomato is usually grown when it is not possible to grow agricultural tomatoes (local-industrial) due to weather conditions in the cold season. Used for consumption as a fresh food on tables and in cooking.
  • Agricultural tomatoes (local-industrial): Depending on the climatic conditions of the region and the type of seed, they are obtained in different varieties and bricks. According to the unit of measurement of the concentration of paste and tomato brix. And traded on BRICS in the global market. Tomatoes are usually made from brix 3 to 7 in different conditions. But higher brix is ​​more suitable for paste producers as well as consumers.
  • Factories usually use tomatoes that are oval in shape, have more flesh and are juicier. Tomatoes should be completely red and ripe. And there should be no parts of yellow or green and white tomatoes. Choosing crushed, spoiled and moldy tomatoes should be avoided. Because it is not healthy and changes the taste of the paste.
    In addition to the usual tomatoes, which weigh approximately 250 grams, another type of tomato that is currently very popular is small tomatoes. Which is prepared in sizes of 5 to 20 grams. And it is popularly known as cherry tomato. Since new techniques and methods have been used in the cultivation of cherry tomatoes. In addition to its high resistance against many viruses and diseases, this product maintains its durability and freshness for a relatively long time. In addition to the variety in shape and size of tomatoes, these products have recently been sold in clusters in yellow and orange colors.
  • Tomato is one of the most profitable agricultural products. And for a variety of reasons, its cultivation is profitable for farmers. For example, this product has a good sales market. And it is used in different foods fresh or in sauces and pastes. That is why the varieties that are considered in tomato cultivation. Fully complies with the conditions and type of tomato consumption. Tomato cultivation is also a good option for those who are looking to harvest in four seasons.
Buy a variety of tomato paste

Production of standard quality tomato paste

  • To buy a standard tomato paste, you must first become familiar with its definition. Then you can contact us to prepare it.
  • What is natural tomato paste: To grow organic produce, everything must be natural in agriculture. This means that not only no toxins or chemical fertilizers have been used during planting, growing and harvesting the product, but also other preservatives, flavors, colors and other chemicals should not be used in these products.
    These products do not contain any unnatural and harmful substances for the body, including heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and can be consumed safely. Strictly avoid buying non-standard and unhygienic pastes that are sold as homemade pastes.
  • Cold tomato paste 36-38 Brix is ​​a good texture. Tomato paste is thick, with a rich flavor included (deliciousness) in any dish. The brix 36 38 tomato paste production line works successfully in Africa. Tomato paste is a tomato paste that puts pressure on the skin on all items.
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