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Buy bulk aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38


Buy bulk aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38 with brands such as aymaz can be purchased in bulk in this center. Of course, in some cities, agencies are also active. buying tomato paste all over the country from famous brands such as aymaz is very prosperous. But it is produced in green and red cans. Which also have a keyed door. This brand has no added value for export. And for the interior announces its major prices with added value.

Buy bulk aseptic tomato paste

Evaluation of physicochemical and microbial changes of bulk tomato paste during cold storage

  • bulk tomato paste is produced in concentrations higher than 35% (350 Brix scale) and its packaging is not hermetic. In recent years, the production of this product in our country has considerably increased. One of the most important problems in the tomato paste industry of Iran is the preservation of bulk tomato paste. Shelf-life of tomato paste depends on many factors such as initial quality of tomato paste, cooling conditions, salting, packaging, handling, and cold storage.
  • The product factors evaluated in this study included: 1) microbial parameters such as total count, acid-resistant microorganisms, and Howard Mold Count and 2) physico-chemical parameters such as acidity, pH, amount of lactic acid (D and L forms) , and total dry matter. Experimental data showed that using high brix (35-38) in producing tomato paste along with salting the product surface and storing it at 0 hadC had only a limiting effect on microbial changes and could not prevent their growth completely.
  • However, salting treatment had a great effect on surface growth of fungi and their ability to produce colonies and mycelia. On the basis of the results obtained from this study, cooling of bulk tomato paste in ambient temperature is critical to bulk tomato paste production process and also has an important effect on the quality and shelf-life of the product.

Two Important Tips About Tomato Paste Brix 36.38

  1. Tomatoes have a very high nutritional value, and are very good for the body. When it comes to tomatoes, we do not know if tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, but that does not matter at all. And you have to pay attention to the many properties that are for the human body. Tomatoes prevent many diseases, which is why nutritionists recognize tomatoes as a conscientious food. As you know, smoking causes lung cancer, but using tomatoes prevents this dangerous disease in the body.
  2. It is made from two types of local and greenhouse tomatoes available in the paste market, which do not differ in taste, but the paste made from local tomatoes molds later. Paste because of its very impressive color. It is used in food, and also the paste makes the food taste very delicious, but it is important to use excellent tomato paste. We know that paste is made from tomatoes, which has many properties, so the paste also has many properties, including: paste is rich in antioxidants, contains probiotics, has a very good effect on the intestines.
Buy bulk aseptic tomato paste

The best way to buy bulk aseptic tomato paste natural

  • We want to tell you the best way to buy bulk aseptic tomato paste natural. Today, there are many paste factories in the world, some of which buy spoiled tomatoes to make more money, and cause users to suffer from various diseases. Dear buyers, be careful about which sellers you buy the paste from.
  • But our company tested the tomatoes first. And if they do not have a problem, they enter the factory, users can order thick tomato paste from our site, and this will eliminate the intermediary, which is also the reason for the increase in prices, also by buying Many pastes will also benefit from our discount.
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