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Export aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38

Center Export Aseptic tomato paste brix 36-38 has actually offered the best, tastiest and most delicious for customers and buyers with amazing and exceptional prices. This tomato paste is in fact suitable and ideal for export and supply to other countries and has attracted many foreign customers and our supplier company earns significant income by selling this paste to foreign countries.

Export Aseptic tomato paste brix

Export aseptic tomato paste brix36.38%

  • What does it mean to export aseptic tomato paste brix36.38%? Brix is ​​actually a unit of concentration and firmness of tomato paste. That is, the higher the number, the better the price, quality and color.
  • Export for different products means that the manufacturer has reduced the quality to the appropriate price for the customer. Exports of thin tomato paste with low brix are mostly due to the cheaper boom.
Export Aseptic tomato paste brix

Production stages of export aseptic tomato paste


  • The production process of quality and first-class aseptic tomato paste for export is very easy and convenient, and it has been done in production factories by observing the necessary hygienic points and standards. To make it, fresh and healthy chickens are used and they are checked and checked after production and have a high quality, and because of this, the foreign customer is attracted to them and buys a great paste with a different taste and makes the most of it. The production process has been in accordance with the standards and all the hygienic points have been observed for them, and the best paste will reach the foreign customer.
  • The production steps of first-class and excellent aseptic tomato paste for export have been done according to the factory engineers and top producers, and the tomatoes have been separated from them after washing all the dirt, dust and impurities, and the paste in the dewatering machines. It is located and after heating, it becomes the best excellent and first-class paste that you will enjoy eating and increase your purchase.
  • The storage conditions of aseptic tomato paste are very simple and easy, this paste is produced and supplied with the best types of packaging and containers with quality and first class, and to store it, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator and after using the lid of the container. Close this tightly, this paste has a long shelf life due to its first-class quality, it does not use any preservatives or additives, it is completely pure, only when cooking a little salt in a standard amount and without harm as Disinfectants and preservatives are added.
  • The paste has a pleasant aroma and has a natural and bright red color, it is very tasty and by using a very small amount of this paste in food, you can cook colorful and tasty food. The product is packaged in such a way that a variety of Prevents foreign materials and does not suffer from corruption and damage when exporting, transporting and selling the paste, it is a valid and reliable brand, and all the specifications of the product are fully listed on the paste packaging.

Order to buy aseptic tomato paste for export

  1. Order aseptic tomato paste, which is a first-class export for foreign customers and buyers, and you can register the best order and buy them, and the supply of export tomato paste is done in all cities of our country, they have the best qualities and In fact, they have a cheap and very reasonable price.
  2. To order the purchase of first-class and excellent aseptic tomato paste for export, you can apply through the Internet from our internet sites as well as from our presence centers, and buy the best premium and quality paste for yourself, and use it favorably, and foods. Make delicious, very fragrant and fragrant, which are affordable and excellent for you to buy. It is considered a good discount for aseptic tomato paste on our websites after ordering, which reduces your costs in Will be at the time of purchase.
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