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Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste in Africa


Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste in Africa, its products in addition to the specifications mentioned below. It must have other features as well. For example, it should have a pleasant, good and unique flavor. For this reason, in this series, we introduce suppliers to you who produce high quality products.

Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste
Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste

Introducing Brix Tomato Paste 36_38%

  • In this section, we want to introduce you to a common term in the tomato paste processing industry:
    Brix is ​​one of the main bases for preparing tomato paste. And it’s important for both the producer and the consumer. And will show the concentration of tomato paste. Tomato paste brix can be said to be the total amount of water-soluble solids and is measured with a device called a refractometer.
    Normally the dilute brix value that is acceptable is 25. The sweeter the tomato, the more tomato paste Brix has. And the higher the percentage of tomato brix. Made tomato paste has a better quality. The standard Brix rating is typically between 25 and 28, which is approved by the National Standards Organization of Iran.
  • By washing and cleaning the tomatoes, the preparation of tomato paste begins. After that, the tomatoes are crushed with special devices. When crushing, they also give some heat to the tomatoes. To destroy the enzymes of tomatoes. And the skin and seeds of tomatoes can be easily separated from their flesh.
  • After crushing, the tomatoes are smoothed with a filter. Until the water is completely separated, then the tomato juice is poured into a concentrator and concentrated under pressure and vacuum. Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste. When the brix of tomato paste juice solids reached twenty-eight, the standard brix. It will be packed in special cans.

Buy tomato paste from the world market

  1. Well, now that you are somewhat familiar with aseptic tomato paste in the previous section. Now it’s time to look at how to buy these products in the global market. Do you know what kind of buyers this type of product is suitable for? In the following, we will introduce you to some examples of them:
  2. traders
    Foreign customers
    Grocery wholesalers
    Tomato paste distributors
  3. But if you are one of the people mentioned above. The question will surely be asked to you how you can buy the product you want. First you need to find the product you want by studying and reviewing different parts of the site. Then send your official request to our company’s email address. Our sales expert will contact you to review your request.
Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste
Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste

Supplier of quality Brix tomato paste

  • In the trade of this product, there is a common term called Brix, which is usually requested with a percentage of 28_38%. In the continuation of this section, we will examine and how to calculate it:
    To calculate the brix of tomato paste, they should be diluted with water. If it is twelve percent solid, checking the concentration of tomato paste in the brix of different tomato paste shows that with increasing the percentage of brix, The bustier style goes up.
  • The data indicate that the amount of drying (except for traits that do not dissolve in water) and its inability to reabsorb water will cause problems in calculating the paste concentration, especially at high bricks. In this study, the effect of tomato paste brix variety and concentration measurement temperature will be tested to determine changes, make a Bostovik concentrator error and correct it.
  • The results show that the variety has no effect on the accuracy of the concentration measurement by Bostovik method. But the brix of tomato paste and the amount of heat had an effect on the accuracy of measuring the concentration in increasing the error of the Bostovik concentrator, especially in the brix of high tomato paste.
    Research has shown that by heating the dilute paste to forty-five degrees and then cooling it, the concentration calculation error can be greatly reduced. Also, by using the regression correlation between tomato paste brix and temperature with Bostovik concentration, an accurate amount of concentration can be obtained.
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