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Buy canned organic tomato paste in Greece


To Buy canned organic tomato paste in Greece you should go to centers that grow their products naturally. In the following, we will discuss how to cultivate these tomatoes and how to ban them.

canned organic tomato paste

Tomato cultivation process in Greece

Tomatoes can be grown both traditionally and in greenhouses. Here’s how to grow a tomato greenhouse:

  • Different types of tomato cultivation: To start growing tomato seeds in the greenhouse, before any action, you must have enough information about choosing and preparing the right type of seed. Tomato seeds are divided according to how they are consumed. Therefore, since this product is consumed fresh, paste, sauce and canned food. Its seeds are divided according to freshness or industrial consumption. Of course, cultivated tomatoes are now used in the greenhouse only for fresh cultivars.
  • Greenhouse tomato seed germination period: Usually the germination period lasts about 6 days until the emergence of cotyledon leaves on the soil surface. The seedlings will be ready to be transferred to the main land in 4 to 6 weeks. It is worth mentioning that in order to germinate and grow with quality seeds, it should be kept in the treasury until the optimal growth of the tomato plant. In this case, the use of greenhouse facilities is saved. And the plant will grow well from the beginning. For this purpose, it is necessary to consider a part of the greenhouse for transplanting pots. Or choose a place for the treasury. Another important point is to choose a suitable pot in which the root volume works well. In addition to the pot, observing the temperature, humidity, light and distance of the plants will also have an important effect on the growth of a healthy plant in the treasury. For example, it is better to consider a surface equal to 10. 10 cm for the growth of each plant. Note that the place of the treasury must be completely disinfected. To prevent the emergence of any pests and diseases at the transplant site.
  • Suitable conditions for growing greenhouse tomatoes: For germination, the best temperature is 30 ° C. After germination, the temperature should be set to 24 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night. The maximum root activity is at a depth of 30 cm in the soil, so before moving the tomato seedlings to the main ground, you must first provide suitable substrates that can penetrate to a depth of 80 cm. In addition, it is necessary to remove and clean weeds such as sauces and brooms before transplanting. It is worth mentioning that these two plants can cause many problems for the tomato plant, so as soon as you see the sauce or broom, remove them from the side of the plant and clean it. After this, organic materials and chemical fertilizers can be prepared and used in appropriate sizes with the guidance of soil laboratories. The suitable pH for tomatoes is between 5.5 and 6.8.
  • Maintenance and pruning of greenhouse tomato plant: As you know, in order to create a balance between the growth of the tomato plant and its foliage and the amount of roots and fruits, the plant of this plant should be pruned. To do this, the tomato plant must be up to 30 cm in size. Pruning a tomato plant involves removing the flowers and twigs. After the initial pruning, you should remove all the branches during the growth of the plant. In short-term crops, after the plant reaches a height of 30 cm, you should tie it to the threads in two branches. By doing this, there will be no need to lower the plant. When these two branches reach the useful height of the greenhouse, it is time to remove the terminal bud. Until the flowers in the plant turn into fruit. Agricultural engineers pruned the extra fruit on the cluster to match the size of the fruit, depending on the plant’s strength as well as the type of flower variety. And they only allow a certain number of flowers to bear fruit. By harvesting tomatoes, these plants are removed from the greenhouse. And the land is prepared for the next crop.
canned organic tomato paste

Buy canned organic tomato paste

To Buy canned organic tomato paste, as you saw in the previous section, you have to buy from companies. If their products are organic, greenhouse tomatoes are more inorganic. Natural tomatoes do not need fertilizer. You can contact us for more information.

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