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Buy canned tomato paste brix 36-38 in Italy


One of the most common questions most women ask is whether tomato paste can be stored in a can after opening. Or do we have to transfer it to a glass container? Tomato products are very popular all over the world, tomatoes in sauces, condiments and of course tomato sauce has become a staple in thousands of recipes, today we are in this section on how to store and Buy canned tomato paste brix 36-38 in Italy We will talk.

canned tomato paste brix

Buy tomato paste in Italy

Here are some of the many benefits of keeping tomato paste in a glass:

  • Glass is healthier.
  • However, it does not change the taste of food.
  • There are no foods exposed to oxygen or other gases.
  • It is practically impossible for food to oxidize or spoil.
  • Lastly, it preserves food for longer than normal. And it is resistant to hot and cold temperatures, so many different foods can be prepared this way. Keeping and using food like this is easy. Fragrance and freshness are also preserved.

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The best container for storing tomato paste

  1. What happens when we cook tomato paste at home and pour it into a bowl? Tomatoes in pasta, canned tomatoes and drinks are excellent. If you keep them in their own container, they can stay fresh for a long time, but you still buy their products in the store, which contain preservatives. Processing helps them to last longer, but they are not very healthy, so the best option is to cook tomato paste yourself at home.
  2. Why is it better to keep tomato paste in a glass bottle? Canning or preserving home-made foods is always the best way to preserve them, whether they are tomatoes, peppers or olives, or whatever. There are many reasons to do so.
canned tomato paste brix

Storage conditions of canned tomato paste brix 36-38

  • In the following, we will explain the storage conditions of Buy canned tomato paste brix 36-38. If you want to use the contents of all cans and compotes and not just tomato paste for a long time after opening the lid, you need to transfer it to another container.
    What is the reason for this recommendation? If you are careful, after opening the lid of the can, the possibility of a reaction between one of the components of the food composition (especially an acidic substance) with the metal wall of the inner wall of the can is very high.
    And if you have been careful, you have seen that for example, if the pineapple stays in the can, after a while its water color will turn gray, so it is better to open the can and put it in another container (preferably glass) Move.
  • Another important point is that when you open the door of a can or compote, it is almost impossible to close it tightly again; While transferring to another container allows this. And tight sealing of the container prevents contamination from entering the food.
  • On the other hand, one of the main causes of mold mold, which occurs in both cans and glass containers, is the entry of these contaminants into the food. Therefore, careful hygiene, for example, using a clean and dry spoon when removing the paste from the container can prevent food contamination and thus mold.
  • It was all about the paste container. But what about where to store tomato paste? It should be noted that the place where we put the paste in the refrigerator, and the different temperatures of the floors do not have much effect on mold. But it is usually the best place to store the paste on the upper floors of the refrigerator.
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