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Buy fresh tomato paste and tasty in Lesotho

In this article, we want to explain the necessity of Buy fresh tomato paste and tasty in Lesotho to you. If you want to know how to identify the best tomato paste, join us.

Buy fresh tomato paste

Suitable temperature for storing fresh tomatoes

  • For the first experiment to choose the best storage method for tomatoes, we prepared three different types of tomatoes: First, ordinary tomatoes, from the ones you saw in the sandwiches. The second was the plum tomato and finally the cherry tomato, which were in plastic packaging. We tried to make the selected tomatoes from these three varieties as similar as possible. It will not be much different until they arrive. Finally, we put half of them in the refrigerator and the other half at room temperature, which was between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius.
  • After one day of storage: After one day of storage of tomatoes in separate places, we asked 3 people to help us in this experiment, we closed their eyes and asked them to taste a piece of tomato each. . And choose the best taste for tomatoes. To make sure the fridge did not affect their opinions, we waited for the fridge tomatoes to reach room temperature. You could see the difference even before we cut the tomatoes. For example, ordinary tomatoes outside the refrigerator turned redder than frozen tomatoes.
  • Plum tomatoes were in a similar situation. And the tomatoes outside the fridge were redder than the tomatoes inside the fridge. But it was difficult to tell the difference between cherry tomatoes and their appearance.
  • The same patterns were seen when slicing tomatoes: ordinary tomatoes inside the refrigerator were yellower and paler than tomatoes outside the refrigerator. Both, however, looked fragile and incomplete.
  • Plum tomatoes had the most noticeable difference in appearance, the tomatoes inside the refrigerator were whiter than the tomatoes outside the refrigerator and the meat was more grainy.
  • Cherry tomatoes with the slightest difference in color had the least difference with each other.
Buy fresh tomato paste

Test to choose the best tasty tomatoes

  • In all cases, tomatoes outside the refrigerator were preferred by the participants in the experiment. Tomatoes looked like tomatoes kept out of the fridge. They smelled better, were sweeter, and had a better texture than refrigerated tomatoes. However, the difference between cherry tomatoes was not so obvious. Therefore, the following results have been obtained up to this stage of the experiment.
  • Tomatoes that are good, not excellent, such as the plum tomatoes used in the experiment, are best kept at room temperature.
  • Cold temperatures have little effect on tomatoes that taste better, such as the cherry tomatoes used in this experiment.
  • Tomatoes that are more fleshy, like the typical tomatoes used in the experiment, are more prone to tissue loss and rot. Therefore, it is better to consume them faster.
  • Condition after two days of storage: On the second day, we put the tomatoes out of the refrigerator again to reach room temperature. But this time, we put some of the tomatoes out of the fridge two hours earlier so we could make a comparison between cold tomatoes out of the fridge and tomatoes in the fridge for a few days. All tomato samples were tasted with their eyes closed.
  • But the strangest thing that could have happened was that the selection of the two participants in the experiment was exactly the opposite. And the third person, who had preferred out-of-refrigerator samples the day before, changed his mind this time and rated the refrigerator samples better. what happened? Although it seems that at first the quality of the tomatoes outside the refrigerator was better than the samples of the refrigerator, but over time, the tomatoes inside the refrigerator were better than the samples outside the refrigerator.
Buy fresh tomato paste

Buy fresh tomato paste in Lesotho

If you live in Lesotho. And it is difficult for you to use fresh tomatoes. It is better to choose and consume its alternative, buy fresh tomato paste. Contact our sales expert to buy high quality tomato paste made from the best fresh and delicious tomatoes.

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