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Production of red tomato paste homemade in Liberia

Fresh tomatoes are needed for Production of red tomato paste homemade in Liberia. Which should be maintained in the best way. Contact our sales expert to get the price tomato paste.

red tomato paste

The best way to store tomatoes

  • One of the possibilities for choosing the best storage method for tomatoes is the relatively warm temperature of the test medium, which may have affected the tomatoes outside the refrigerator.
    When we read more about tomatoes, it seemed logical that the refrigerator may have slowed down the ripening process of the tomatoes, so on the first day, the tomatoes inside the refrigerator did not taste as good as the tomatoes outside the refrigerator, but over time they improved arrived.
  • Searching the internet, you can find many recommendations that the best temperature for storing ripe tomatoes is between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the refrigerator temperature but lower than most room temperatures.
    A French study shows that while a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius is more harmful to the aroma of tomatoes than a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, putting refrigerated tomatoes at a temperature of 20 degrees for 24 hours can have some effects. Destroy the negative on the refrigerator over the tomatoes.
  • But what this research has not addressed is the effect of higher temperatures on tomato storage. This may not be a problem for manufacturers with access to trucks and refrigerated warehouses, but it will be a nuisance for the home environment, which is unlikely to have a proper ventilation system to maintain a temperature of 20 degrees, and on the other hand, tomatoes arrive in summer. , The challenge of keeping them in the summer will be more and most storage conditions are not at 6 to 10 degrees at home.
  • The conclusion we reached was that the phrase “never keep tomatoes in the refrigerator” is not very basic. There are many variables involved. Our best advice is to consider your ambient temperature, the quality of the tomatoes, and how long you want to keep them. Raw or unripe tomatoes can be refrigerated for a short time, but make sure the kitchen temperature is not higher than 21 degrees.
    They may not be in good condition after two days and it is better to put them in the refrigerator. Ripe tomatoes can be kept out of the refrigerator and on the cabinet for a few hours, but ultimately the refrigerator is a safer place to store them. They may lose some of their aroma, but they will not spoil before consumption.
red tomato paste

Homemade red tomato paste price

If you want to grow tomatoes on your farm. Or even buy from the market and keep for a long time. As mentioned in the previous section. You have to work hard to find the right temperature. So if you want to always have fresh tomatoes in your home and kitchen. It is better to use tomato paste. You can visit our site to get the price of homemade red tomato paste. And get help from our sales expert to place an order.

red tomato paste

Production of tomato paste in Liberia

As you know, Liberia does not have a good climate for agricultural production. Unless high-yield crops like cactus grow there. Otherwise, there is not much fertile land to produce tomatoes. Because it is often desert. For this reason, the production of tomato paste is very limited. And it is better to get your orders from the most reputable sales center.

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