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Buy tomato sauce garlic flavored in the Comoros

Which to The best center Buy tomato sauce garlic-flavored in the Comoros? Is tomato paste used in preparing the sauce?

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How to prepare kebab tomato sauce with garlic flavor

Kebab is one of the most delicious and popular Iranian dishes that is cooked in any region of our beloved homeland. But there are people who do not like this food because of the bad smell of meat with appetite. Garlic and onion can eliminate the bad smell of meat, so our suggestion for barbecue is to prepare tomato sauce with garlic flavor, which we will get acquainted with the following ingredients:

step one:

First, we turn the garlic and onions into a gem and pour it into the frying pan; Then we add a little salt to them so that their so-called water evaporates and after a two-minute frying, we add some sesame or olive oil. After that, put the tomatoes in boiling water so that we can easily peel them and add them to our ingredients in a grated way! Or you can use Chinese tomato paste to prepare garlic sauce for barbecue to prepare this sauce in a shorter time!

Last step:

At this stage, you should put the lid on the frying pan and give the ingredients ten minutes to settle well, and then add some pepper to the sauce.

Chili tomato sauce with a spicy taste

If you also love pepper; One of the best sauces that you will surely like is chili sauce, which has a unique and spicy taste, and one of its important ingredients is tomatoes.

Materials needed:

For how to prepare chili sauce; In addition to tomatoes or good quality tomato paste, you need vinegar, sugar, onions, garlic, salt and pepper in the required amount. The method of preparation of this sauce is similar to ketchup sauce, with the difference that the amount of onion, sugar and pepper is more than the ketchup needed to give it a sharp and sharp taste.

tomato sauce

Important tips and advice when buying tomato paste

Today, many factories and workshops are active in the production of food such as tomato paste. Naturally, not all products will have the desired quality. If you care about the health of the food you eat. You should be aware of the characteristics of high quality tomato paste. Choose the best tomato paste.

Strictly avoid buying non-standard and unhygienic pastes that are sold as homemade pastes.

In low-quality and non-standard tomato pastes that are produced in small workshops under the name of homemade paste. And are sold The two toxins sodium benzoate and altramide are found. Failure to cook non-standard household pastes under vacuum will result in ultramid. In the process of producing non-standard homemade pastes, unlike standard and quality tomato pastes, sodium benzoate is added to the paste as an additive.

tomato sauce

Advantages of buying tomato paste from our company in Comoros

You can read the sample benefits of buying and using tomato paste from our company below:

The maximum salt used in tomato paste is defined in the standard of one and a half percent. Of this amount, half a percent is related to the natural salt of tomatoes. Therefore, in the production of standard tomato paste, the least added salt is used.

 A good quality tomato paste should also be free of any unauthorized preservatives or additives. Of course, it is not possible to check these cases except in the laboratory.

In the production of tomato paste, our company does not use any unauthorized preservatives and additives. And the proof of this is the sampling done by the relevant organs in the whole country. According to them, the quality of tomato paste produced by our company has been confirmed.

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