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Importing tomato paste for slimming to Seychelles

How to Importing tomato paste for slimming to Seychelles? What is the process of the effect of tomato paste on weight loss?

tomato paste for slimming

The process of the effect of tomato paste for weight loss

Professor Troo Kavada and his team of researchers at a laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, describe the properties of tomatoes in weight loss: They find out how the molecule affects the activation of the silent parts of DNA for gene expression. The ingredients in tomatoes are very effective in activating your DNA to burn more fat. This can lead to a fundamental change in our view of the phenomenon of the regime.

It is true that we talked about genes being able to help you burn fat, but that does not mean that your genes directly cause your body to lose fat. The secret to using genes in this process is that they provide what your body needs to make the enzymes that stimulate fat burning. This means activating your DNA. This makes the properties of tomatoes in weight loss more clear.

The team found that tomatoes contained a substance called 13-oxo-ODA, a special type of unsaturated fatty acid. Which is able to activate fat-related DNA in the human body. It is said to reduce the amount of neutral fat in your body. And prevents the onset of metabolic syndrome. In fact, we already knew that tomatoes were good for burning natural body fat, but we did not know what ingredients and how to help reduce natural body fat.

 Time to drink salty tomato juice: Reduce the amount of salt you get from other meals throughout the day. Reduce your daily intake of tomato juice. And replace it with raw tomatoes.

What you need to remember about this is not to forget. Too much salt is bad for your health. A tomato diet is great instead, but that does not mean you can ignore your daily salt intake.

According to a study by the Kavada team at Kyoto University, after feeding 13-oxo-ODA to a group of obese laboratory mice, the results after 4 weeks showed significant changes in blood sugar, normal fat and anal temperature, indicating an increase in fat-burning abilities in them after It was from the consumption of this substance. The amount of 13-oxo-ODA given to mice on a human scale is roughly equivalent to one small glass of tomato juice per meal. So if you drink three glasses of tomato juice a day, all the 13-oxo-ODA your body needs to burn a constant amount of fat without exercise will be provided. Although tomato juice is said to contain high levels of 13-oxo-ODA, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to just tomato juice. Tomatoes and all their derivatives contain a large amount of 13-oxo-ODA.

tomato paste for slimming

Consumption of tomato paste in slimming diet

  • According to the Ministry of Health in Japan in 2010, the amount of salt consumed for men over 18 years of age is at least 9000 mg and for women over 18 years of age at least 7500 mg. Daily between 1500 mg and 2300 mg.
  • By drinking 600 ml of salted tomato juice, your daily salt intake will reach 3600 mg, which leaves little room for other meals, let alone desserts. Therefore, when choosing tomato juice, it is important to consider the amount of salt that enters your body. You can pay attention.
tomato paste for slimming

Import of tomato paste to Seychelles

Seychelles is a small African country with its capital Victoria. With an average population located in the Indian Ocean. Obese people there are looking for healthy and organic diets to lose weight. As mentioned in the previous sections. Tomato is one of the miraculous fruits in slimming. The best alternative is tomato paste. For this reason, the import of paste to it is widely done.

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