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Buy and sell tomato paste high quality Brix 36_38% in the UK

How are Buy and sell tomato paste high quality Brix 36_38% in the UK? Do you know the production process of aseptic tomato paste?

Buy and sell tomato paste

Buy and sell tomato paste aseptic

Buy and sell aseptic tomato paste because it is in high demand for export. It is highly regarded by manufacturers. Here are some tips about aseptic paste in this section:

The aseptic tomato paste produced during the day definitely has more than 2 colors and has 36-36 brix.

The wholesale and daily price of any type of tomato paste such as aseptic depends on the season and of course the price of the tomato.

Aseptic tomato paste is one of the types of tomato paste in barrels, but because it can be stored longer and does not need a refrigerator, it is also exported.

At the same time, production costs and having a vacuum system are higher for the manufacturer. And the price of the day will always be higher than the usual bulk tomato paste.

Aseptic Brix tomato paste 38-36 with a new barrel suitable for export

Aseptic Brix paste 36-36 is sold with a normal barrel suitable for domestic factories. The stages of production of aseptic paste are thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of packaging and preservation of sterilization during packaging.

Buy and sell tomato paste

Production process of tomato paste Brix 36_38%

By washing and cleaning the tomatoes, the preparation of the paste begins. The tomatoes are then crushed with a special machine. When crushing, they also give some heat to the tomatoes. To destroy the enzymes of tomatoes. And the skin and seeds of the tomatoes can be easily separated from their flesh.

After crushing, the tomatoes are smoothed with a filter. Until their water is completely separated. The tomato juice is then poured into a thickener and concentrated under pressure and vacuum. Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste.

When the brix of tomato paste solids reached twenty-eight, the standard brix. They will pack it in special cans.

But most of the time, pastes are made at home by non-specialist manufacturers. Because it becomes too hot, it loses its antioxidant properties. And no longer counts as nutrients. So it is better to use factory pastes.

Tomato paste brix indicates the firmness of the tomato paste. This percentage of concentration indicates this. For example, he ate a few tablespoons of tomato paste in the food and waited for the desired color, aroma and smell.

Home-made tomato paste. Tomato paste is not measured with brix. Because the person who prepared it based his taste and experience. To have a good concentration for your tomato paste.

But in buying and selling industrial tomato paste, Brix tomato paste is very effective in quality and price. The standard inside the can is twenty-seven to twenty-nine. And below twenty percent is called diluted tomato paste. Brix is ​​one of the main signs of the quality of tomato paste.

Buy and sell tomato paste

Specifications of high quality tomato paste in England

Britain is one of the largest European countries with high consumption. The nutritional value and specifications of high quality tomato paste in the UK are mentioned below:

The lycopene in tomato paste is higher than the lycopene in fresh tomatoes due to its heat. But the vitamins in tomato paste have been lost due to their proximity to heat.

In general, tomato paste is much richer in tomatoes in terms of the presence of lycopene, antioxidants and anti-cancer substances. But the vitamins in tomato paste are far less than the tomatoes themselves.

Therefore, it can not be claimed that tomato paste should have more nutritional value than tomatoes because they are more colorful. The richness of tomato paste depends on how it is made. Because they make tomato paste in a vacuum. Normally, their color stays red and does not turn black.

Of course, tomato paste that is very light in color. They are also made from raw tomatoes. Excessive turbidity of the tomato paste also indicates that the vacuum machine has not worked properly.

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