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Bulk purchase tomato paste of factory Brix 36_38% in France

Do you know how to Bulk purchase tomato paste of factory Brix 36_38% in France? What are the specifications of factory tomato paste?

Bulk purchase tomato paste

Bulk purchase tomato paste in Europe

Europe is one of the continents that are still importers despite the high production of tomatoes. Because they have high consumers. And there are many wholesalers in these countries. Buying Tomato Paste Major tomato paste is very important here. That’s why we decided in this section. Let me explain more about bulk buying and the meaning of this word. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, I will point out some points in this regard:

The key word in the general sense means a purchase that takes place in large volumes. In addition, the purchase is mainly receiving the product from the manufacturer and delivering it to the retailer, which is a two-way transaction. The advantage of this type of purchase is that it pays less because there is less profit margin in buying or selling in bulk. The price is calculated from the factory door.

The same is true for the tomato paste product, when it comes to buying bulk tomato paste, it means a person who deals with businesses and buys tomato paste mainly from the tomato paste manufacturer and with Businesses trade.

Bulk purchase tomato paste

Specifications of tomato paste Brix 36_38% of our company

Every producer in this field of food industry produces its own product. May be similar to other manufacturers. But we have always tried to produce the best. Specifications that make our product unique. I will mention the following to you:

Thick and high quality tomato paste with 36% brix

Dilute tomato paste with 17% brix

Tomato paste in different packages and in different weights (metal cans, tin, glass, aseptic, bulk) (250, 350, 400, 800,…, 10000 and

Paste produced without preservatives

These products have the approvals of the Ministry of Health and international standards.

Has a production and expiration date

Bulk purchase tomato paste

Production of factory tomato paste in France

In France, which is one of the countries with good taste in cooking. Most dishes are cooked with tomato paste. And they are very tasty and colorful. But for this they have to use factory paste. In the following, I will mention its production and maintenance:

To make the paste, tomato juice is taken and then concentrated in a vacuum. In this way, first the tomatoes for peeling are separated and washed, then they are crushed and heated with special devices to separate the skin of the tomatoes and inactivate the destructive enzymes.

Then the resulting mixture is filtered and the water is completely separated. Tomato juice is heated indirectly in a vacuum to reach the desired concentration. In this part, salt and acids are added to the paste to flavor it.

Note: For this reason, the paste is heated in a vacuum to reach the lowest amount of heat and to prevent the destruction of nutrients and blackening of the paste.

Finally, the paste is packaged in sterilized cans and pasteurized by autoclave to remove any mold or yeast and extend the shelf life of the paste.

Why do factory pastes get moldy? Because the preservatives in the pastes are effective only as long as the paste packaging is not opened and as soon as they are opened, they should be stored in the refrigerator and in the freezer for long-term use. Tomato paste has a lot of moisture that after a few days in the refrigerator is prone to spoilage and mold. The temperature of the refrigerator can only slow down the growth of bacteria and fungi, but it does not stop them. To extend the life of the paste, it can be stored in small containers in the refrigerator. Be sure to use a clean, dry spoon to remove the paste. Some people cover the paste with a layer of oil to prevent mold, but this method does not work in the long run, and the best possible way is to pack the tomato paste in small packages and put them in the freezer.

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