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How to prepare marinara tomato sauce Homemade pasta in Italy

Do you know How to prepare marinara tomato sauce Homemade pasta in Italy? What is the cheapest price of tomato paste?

How to prepare marinara tomato sauce

How to prepare marinara tomato sauce

Tomatoes (fully ripe, in any size and shape you like): tablespoons

Pasteurized butter Kale (not melted, cut into small cubes) tablespoon

Garlic one clove

Half a tablespoon of red pepper

Extra virgin olive oil a quarter cup

One cup of grated Parmesan cheese

Coarse grain salt as needed

Noodle pasta (spaghetti, bucatini, linguine) 350 g

Basil leaves (chopped) one cup

first stage

Take a few tomatoes. Cut them in half and press into a large bowl so that the contents of the skin come out well. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Then cut some tomatoes into small pieces.

second stage

Add these tomatoes to the previous bowl, mix well and mash a little.

third level

Add grated garlic, butter, red pepper, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and a pinch of salt to the tomatoes.

The fourth step

Place on a plastic bowl and let stand at room temperature for at least half an hour. This allows more tomato juice to come out and the flavors to blend well.

Step Five

Put a large pot of water on the flame to bring to a boil and sprinkle a small handful of salt. When the water boils, pour the pasta into the pot.

Step Six

Now mix the pasta with the pasta sauce and stir well to melt the hot pasta, butter and Parmesan cheese in the sauce. This will make the breast thicker.

Step 7

Taste your pasta and add salt if needed. Now add chopped basil to the food.

Step eight

Your pasta is ready, now pour your food into the dishes and garnish it with the remaining pasta sauce. Then add some olive and parmesan oil.

Tips on how to prepare homemade pasta with tomato sauce

If you like, grate the tomatoes to make the curd softer and waterier. It depends on your taste. Adding tomato paste makes your food more palatable, just do not overdo it. So that the taste of paste does not dominate in your pasta. To do this, it is necessary to fry the paste and mashed tomatoes along with two medium grated onions for a few minutes on medium heat.

How to prepare marinara tomato sauce

Production of high nutritional value tomato paste in Italy

What is the difference between the nutritional value of tomato paste and the tomato itself?

The lycopene in tomato paste is higher than the lycopene in fresh tomatoes due to its heat.

But the vitamins in tomato paste have been lost due to their proximity to heat.

In general, tomato paste is much richer than tomatoes in terms of the presence of lycopene, antioxidants and anti-cancer substances.

But the vitamins in tomato paste are far less than the tomatoes themselves.

Therefore, it can not be claimed that tomato paste should have more nutritional value than tomatoes because they are more colorful.

The richness of tomato paste depends on how it is made.

Because tomato pastes are made in a vacuum, they usually stay red and do not turn black.

Of course, very lightly colored tomato paste is also made from raw tomatoes.

Excessive turbidity of the tomato paste also indicates that the vacuum machine has not worked properly.

How to prepare marinara tomato sauce

Prices of homemade tomato paste in Europe

Why are industrial paint colors better than household ones?

The most important difference between home and industrial tomato paste is their color. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the bright red color of industrial tomato paste is not due to the use of dyes; The reason is the production process and the devices that are used in the paste production line in the factory. When you prepare tomato paste at home, this operation is done in open boilers. Depending on the type of tomato, the juicier the tomato, the longer it will take to cook. People who have done this know that very gentle heat should be used to cook tomato puree.

Otherwise, it can burn. In any case, the time spent cooking tomato paste at home is very long and the conditions in terms of temperature and the presence of oxygen are not completely controlled. In factories, however, there is strict control and monitoring of the raw material, and by conducting water and dry matter (brix) tests, the raw materials are carefully controlled, which are important indicators in controlling the quality of the product and the choice of heating time. After crushing and pre-cooking, the puree enters concentrating systems under a multi-stage vacuum for concentration. Because these systems operate under vacuum (low air pressure and lack of oxygen), the oxidation of tomato pigment is prevented. Fully controlled heat process, indirect heating and lack of oxygen are the main reasons for maintaining a pleasant red color in factory pastes.

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