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How to prepare tomato paste Homemade Organic 2020 in Africa

Join us to get the How to prepare tomato paste Homemade Organic 2020 in Africa. If you want to buy organic tomato paste, contact our sales expert.

tomato paste Homemade

How to prepare homemade tomato paste

In this section, we will explain how to prepare homemade tomato paste step by step:

  • The first step in cooking the paste is to buy large, healthy tomatoes. If you want the paste you cook to be for a year. So you have to work hard and go to the fruit market. Try to choose tomatoes that are large, red and bulky.
  • Step 2 After buying the tomatoes, you can now roll up your sleeves. And get ready to make the paste. Soak the tomatoes in a large bowl and leave for a few hours. Then rinse well until ready to crush.
  • Step 3 Chop the washed tomatoes. And place in a large container; Of course, now with the advancement of technology, you can easily put tomatoes in a food processor. And take the crushed one on the other side.
  • The fourth step after chopping the tomatoes is now the turn of smoothing the tomatoes. Separate the tomatoes from the meat and eggs and pour into a bowl.
  • Step Five; Fire stage Now that you have strained the tomato juice. Pour into a saucepan and place on the stove to start cooking. At this stage you have to have a lot of patience. Because tomato juice takes a long time to evaporate. Do not forget to constantly stir the contents of the pot so that it does not settle. After one, two hours, the tomato juice hardened a little. And like yogurt, you can add salt and mix well.
  • Step Six; When filling the paste container, remember that the paste container must be filled together; If you gradually pour the ingredients into it, the color of the paste will darken.At this stage, which is also the last stage. You have to be careful of the paste and of course your hands so that it does not burn.
  • At this stage, the tomato juice has evaporated well and the paste is being prepared; For this reason, the material inside the pot leaks out. Once your paste has hardened to your liking, you can remove it from the oven.
tomato paste Homemade

Tips for making delicious tomato paste

  • Flavored paste: In the last step, some people add pepper to their ingredients to make it taste spicy.
  • Saffron: If you want your rabbit to be very colorful and glazed; You can also add saffron to it in the last step.
  • Coarse and bold: Tomatoes should be large and fleshy and bold, otherwise your paste will turn black.
  • Glass: After cooking the paste, be sure to pour them into a glass jar. Do not use empty plastic containers.
  • Sunny: Be sure to cook the paste and do not use the sunny method. In this way, your paste absorbs air pollution and the surrounding environment.
  • Oil: Pour a little oil on the cooked paste to prevent mold.Copper capacity: The paste pot should be made of white copper. Otherwise, your paste will not be beautiful.
  • Salt: Do not add salt to the paste before it hardens. The color of the paste darkens.
tomato paste Homemade

Buy Organic Tomato Paste 2020 in Africa

As we mentioned in the previous sections. Tomato paste is one of the products that is very tasty if prepared at home. But you know it’s not easy at all. Therefore, some people want to buy organic tomato paste from the market and in the factory.
We are here for the convenience of you dear ones and to save your time and money. We have prepared tomato paste with new mechanisms for 2020. Because there are many people interested in this product in Africa, we have set up branches there.

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