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Production canned tomato paste suitable for pregnant women in Nigeria

Is Production canned tomato paste suitable for pregnant women in Nigeria done? What is the price of organic tomato paste? Join us to know the benefits of tomato paste for this group of people.

Production canned tomato paste

Benefits of Tomato Paste Suitable for Pregnant Women

Tomatoes are commonly known as vegetables. While it is originally the fruit of the tomato plant. This fruit is rich in nutritional properties and plays a significant role in foods around the world.

An average tomato has about 22 calories. It has zero fat and contains 5 grams of carbohydrates. It has one gram of fiber, one gram of protein and 6 mg of sodium.

Tomatoes provide 40% of vitamin C, 20% of vitamin A, 2% of iron and 1% of daily sodium.

Scientific research has shown that raw tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. This chemical protects the body against cell damage.

Tomatoes not only nourish and strengthen the body with important nutrients, but also maintain the health of mother and child with significant amounts of vitamin A and iron.

Consumption of tomato juice during pregnancy helps to eliminate the general weakness of the body and increases energy levels.

Tomato juice also enhances the eyesight and hair growth of babies.

Purifying the blood and helping to improve blood circulation, along with helping to lower blood pressure, are other properties of tomatoes.

Pregnant mothers need more iron than others. And eating tomatoes is one of the easiest ways to prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Vitamin C in tomatoes helps build stronger teeth, gums and bones and is also effective in absorbing iron.

Vitamin K in tomatoes helps reduce bleeding during childbirth.

The alpha-lipoic acid in tomatoes helps convert glucose into energy. And it relieves fatigue in pregnant mothers.

Folic acid Another important substance during pregnancy is also found in tomatoes.

Nicotinic acid helps lower blood cholesterol. And prevents heart failure.

Despite the many properties of tomatoes and various recommendations for its consumption during pregnancy, be sure to consult with your doctor about the dosage and other related items, and never replace tomatoes without consulting the medications and vitamins prescribed by doctors.

Production canned tomato paste

Production canned tomato paste

As mentioned in the previous section. Tomatoes have many benefits for pregnant women. They are all present in tomato paste. For this reason, the production of canned tomato paste from organic tomatoes began. So for convenience, you can use tomato paste. Here are some tips for using tomato paste during pregnancy:

Tomato paste can be diluted with broth, canned tomato juice and water, or the liquids and sauces of the foods you make. If necessary, this is a basic tomato sauce. But it tastes simple and lacks ingredients like garlic, onion, bell pepper and thyme.

 Tomato paste is a good ingredient for flavoring stews, snacks and soups. Make a delicious soup by combining tomato paste, cooked vegetable juices, onions, corn, white and green beans and various spices. Also make a delicious and colorful sauce for chicken with a mixture of garlic, chopped egg whites, chopped tomatoes, chicken broth and tomato paste.

Production canned tomato paste

Prices of tomato paste in Nigeria

But if the price of tomato paste has occupied your mind. And you intend to buy these products. First, you should read the contents related to different types of tomato paste and different products of our company. And after selecting the product and determining the amount of your desired volume as well as its number, you can contact our expert to receive the price. Because we also have a direct sales representative in Nigeria.

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