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Buy glass tomato paste natural in Asian market

To Buy glass tomato paste natural in Asian market in various weights, with the popular and prominent brand of Aymaz in our company’s factory, which is produced and exported to European and neighboring countries. You can contact our experienced sales expert at the earliest opportunity, using email or ways Contact another contact, which we will mention in the following article.

Buy glass tomato paste

Natural tomato paste

  • Products made from concentrated tomato juice, which are produced and packaged in various metallic or non-metallic packages for long storage after processes and the addition of salt, are called tomato paste. The condition for the quality of a good and natural paste is the use of the best raw materials without the intervention of preservatives, unauthorized materials and thickeners.
  • Tomato paste is prepared in two ways. The first-class type, the tomato paste that is produced, enters directly into the desired packaging. This tomato paste has a very pleasant aroma, taste and color.
  • Another type of tomato paste known as second grade. And is used for packaging. Tomato paste is a bulk that these pastes are made from summer tomatoes. Or sold in bulk. And it is used in preparing sauces and ketchup. Or in seasons of the year when good quality tomatoes are not found. Bulk tomato paste is used for packaging.
Buy glass tomato paste

Buy glass tomato paste

  • Canned food, especially tomato paste, has the most toxic and carcinogenic substances. To buy glass tomato paste, it is better to buy the one-kilogram type of glass. And if you buy the type of can after opening the can, move it to another container (preferably glass). Storing paste in glass is generally healthier. It also does not change the taste of food. Foods are not exposed to oxygen or other gases. It is impossible for food to oxidize or spoil.
  • Glass tomato paste is prepared from fresh, colorful and healthy tomatoes and is provided to consumers in glass packaging. Features of pasteurized tomato paste and easy to use, maintain and concentrate and has the latest quality standards.
  • One type of tomato paste is glass tomato paste. This type of packaging is produced in different brands, including the Aymaz brand. Glass tomato paste is produced in different weights. One of these types of glass packages weighs 1,500 grams. Which has the general characteristics that I will mention in the following. Freshly produced tomato paste with 1.5% salt with a concentration of 27% and a net weight of 1500 g and glass packaging and metal lids without preservatives and in 6-digit packages and made in the best countries and Asian factories and manufactured by Ayaz Company is.

All kinds of tomato paste packaging for wholesale

As you know, tomato paste is produced with each brand in different weights, and in different packages. Most packages are sold in bulk in the country. The Imaz brand includes the following, which we will mention below:

  1. Metal can 800 g
  2. Cans of 5000 g
  3. Aleppo 17 kg
  4. Bulk paste

For sale in bulk for export includes the following:

  • 350 kg can
  • 800 g cans
  • Cans of 5000 g
  • Aleppo 17 kg
  • aseptic
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