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Choose the right place to plant tomatoes for Preparation tomato paste in Europe

Do you know the Choose the right place to plant tomatoes for Preparation tomato paste in Europe steps? How to buy the best organic tomato products?

tomato paste in Europe

Choose a suitable place for planting tomatoes for tomato paste

If possible, plant tomatoes directly in the ground. You can plant almost any variety of tomato plant you want. Planting tomatoes is done in two general ways:

1- Direct sowing of tomato seeds in the ground

2- Planting tomato seeds in the planting box (seedling tray)

You can take advantage of this if you plant the tomato seeds in the planting box (seedling tray). One of the most important benefits of sowing seeds in the box is better use of time. In fact, you can start transplanting in a closed and warm environment in the cold season when it is not possible to plant tomatoes directly, and thus as soon as the tomato seedlings are ready, the air is warmer and you can Move to the main ground.

To grow tomatoes, you need to find a place that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. If soil-borne diseases are present in the soil, you will need more time to sterilize the entire area or replace the soil.

Plant-borne diseases are caused by a decrease in the biodiversity of beneficial soil microorganisms. In fact, repelling beneficial soil microorganisms that attack pathogens is effective in preventing disease.

 Make your own tomato planting bed. If you are worried about soil contamination in your garden, making a planting bed for tomatoes is a great option, as shown above. You can even change the soil if necessary. Light soils, such as sandy loam, will provide better drainage and aeration. (Types of greenhouse soil texture)

Disadvantages of making wood culture medium include:

– Payment for the provision of boards, wood and healthy soil

– Drying of planting beds faster than the soil surface in the ground

If you have limited space to grow tomatoes, use planting buckets. Some buckets are easily portable. If you do not have much space, planting buckets are a good option for growing tomatoes. Of course, they need frequent watering, because their soil surface dries quickly. If you live in an area with strong winds, you will have to pay more to protect the bins. Some of the common tomato planting buckets are:

• Buckets made from recycled materials are inexpensive and affordable and suitable for growing tomatoes. These buckets are usually light enough to carry, but you will need to make drainage holes at the bottom. But dark plastic buckets overheat and transfer toxic chemicals to the soil. Metal buckets also rust and rot, contaminating the planting medium.

• Barrels are also used for planting tomatoes because they have enough space for root growth. Just keep in mind that barrels are difficult to move and will eventually rot. You also need to make drainage holes at the end of them.

Place the tomato planting boxes on the outer edge of the window. You can irrigate and harvest tomatoes simply by opening the window. In this way, you will deal with the least pests. In small varieties, such as cherry tomatoes, use a retainer or stick to prevent the tomato bushes from falling over. You also need to attach the tomato planting boxes to your window.

tomato paste in Europe

Preparation tomato paste in Europe

To make organic tomato paste in Europe, you have to grow tomatoes from people who grow them naturally. Buy raw materials so that they can get a tasty and colorful product. Contact us to prepare these products.

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