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Detection of original tomato paste high brix in the UAE

Do you know how to Detection of original tomato paste high brix in the UAE? In the following, we will mention the necessary standards for quality tomato paste in Dubai.

Detection of original tomato paste

Detection of original tomato paste from counterfeit in Dubai

To distinguish genuine tomato paste from counterfeit in Dubai, we must pay attention to many cases, which we mention in this section:

  • Tomato paste was first produced in Italian homes and factories. The Italians decided to flavor their pasta. Make a sauce from tomato extract. And so Sicily and other cities in southern Italy became the cradle of tomato paste. Currently, the Mediterranean countries are among the leaders in the production and consumption of tomato paste in the world.
  • Tomato paste should be one-handed and free of any impurities and dark particles, tomato peels and kernels. And also free from any nasty taste or odor such as mold or residual odor. The only way to prevent problems that may occur with the use of counterfeit paste is to use standard products that have a health license. Before opening the tomato paste lid, the outer surface of the can should be thoroughly washed with dishwashing liquid and then the can lid should be opened.
  • Tomato paste is very sensitive to corruption. It is better for the paste to last longer and prevent it from becoming moldy. After opening the lid of the paste can, the contents of the can are poured into a glass jar with a lid and placed in the refrigerator. Also use a clean spoon when using the paste. After consumption, close the glass lid tightly and put it back in the refrigerator. Using glass jars, lowering the storage temperature and avoiding wet spoons are all to prevent mold growth by restricting oxygen, lowering the temperature and controlling humidity.
  • In cases where tomato paste is expensive, fraudsters mix it with some pumpkin powder or cooked and mashed pumpkin. And boil with tomato paste. Also, in some cases, some boiled or mashed potatoes or lentils are added to it. In addition, another group of fraudsters add some starch to the tomato paste. The starch absorbs some water and as a result the paste looks thick and thick. Sometimes an excessive amount (maximum 2%) is added to the salt paste, which is considered fraud.
  • The use of mashed and raw tomatoes is not allowed because the possibility of mold in the final product increases and the product becomes discolored.
  • In some factories, coarse filters are used. And the finisher smooth stage is eliminated, as a result, the skin and tomato seeds also enter the production stages. And the likelihood of mold increases.
  • In some factories, the production paste has a low brix with an old production paste that has a high brix. Finally, it is mixed if the paste with high brix is ​​not in aseptic conditions. There is a possibility of secondary microbial contamination and mold.
Detection of original tomato paste

High quality and brix tomato paste standards in the UAE

In the UAE, high quality tomato paste with high brix is ​​produced, which has the following standards:

  • The National Standards Organization, known as bulk tomato paste, has set some parameters for bulk tomato paste, including color, flavor, and pH.
  • But for the degree of brix, bulk tomato paste has not set a specific minimum.
  • Regarding the BRix standards, the tomato paste required for aseptic paste has not yet been provided by the National Standards Organization.

But the minimum numbers required for the degree of brix of tomato paste are according to the following numbers:

  • Canned tomato paste brix: 25 to 28
  • Bulk Tomato Paste Brix: 28-32
  • Aseptic tomato paste brix: 32 to 38
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