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The process of producing hot break tomato paste original in Oman

What is done in The process of producing hot break tomato paste original in Oman? Who is the best seller of tomato paste in Muscat?

producing hot break tomato paste

The process of producing hot break tomato paste in Muscat

The following is what is done in the process of producing hot break tomato paste in Muscat:

  • Hot break paste is a type of tomato paste. In the production process, by applying the temperature correctly and accurately, thickening substances can be extracted under the tomato skin and around the tomato seeds. This type of paste has more consistency and is used as a raw material in the production of pleasant tomato sauce. As a result, tomato sauce gets its most consistency from natural tomato thickeners.
  • Due to the special facilities of the tomato paste production line, tomato juice is concentrated and turned into paste in the shortest time. This is done in three-stage concentrators under vacuum. Which is used by applying much less heat than heat. In kitchens, tomato juice is concentrated without burning or darkening the color.
  • In the paste production process, tomato juice enters the sterilizer after concentrating. Which is sterilized in a fraction of a minute by passing through high temperature and is filled into sterile bags called aseptic bags. The paste is then packaged according to the daily production schedule. According to the national standard, less than 1.5% of salt is added to it and it is packed in cans or jars. All events and information related to the paste production line, including temperature, pressure, how to use pumps, etc. in the display system of the device can be viewed and evaluated online.

Hot Break

  • As its name suggests, in this method, tomatoes are pre-cooked at a temperature between 95-90 degrees. This causes a complete loosening of the tomato tissue. Therefore, when filtering, some of the fruit or tomato tissue is separated along with its water (it is said that its viscosity is higher), which naturally produces a paste with a higher viscosity. Due to the fact that tomatoes should be pre-cooked at a higher temperature.
    Therefore, it should be noted that at this temperature we may suffer burns, so the burn agent should be removed or reduced from the system. This operation is done with a vacuum tank (made of stainless steel) to reduce the bubbles in chopped tomatoes. The hot-break heating system, like most indirect heat exchangers in the food industry, is of the shell & tube type.
    Due to the fact that the converter is of shell & tube type. Therefore, an all-steel centrifugal pump is used to generate the flow. Due to the above, hot breakers are usually relatively more expensive than other types.

Cold break

  • As the name implies, preheating in this method is done at a lower temperature than the previous method (hot break) (at a temperature of 75 degrees). Therefore, due to the low pre-cooking temperature, there is little need for a vacuum system to prevent burns. Also, due to the low temperature of pre-heating operation, tomato tissues did not pass through the strainer.
    As a result, tomato juice and the obtained paste have a lower viscosity. Like other converters in the food industry, the cold break cooker is in shell & tube, but in series. Because less material is used in 4 of the 7 cold breakers. Therefore, their price is much cheaper than hot break.
producing hot break tomato paste

Seller of original tomato paste in Oman

Oman is one of the countries bordering the Persian Gulf. Due to the small area, not much tomato is grown. And usually sellers from other countries such as Iran and China import tomato paste products. You can contact us to prepare the original tomato paste.

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