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Export of bulk tomato paste from Asia to Africa


Export of bulk tomato paste from Asia to Africa ​is one of the services provided in our company. Because tomato paste is one of the products that has a good place in the food basket of Africans. Today, many different manufacturers produce tomato paste.

bulk tomato paste from Asia

Features of bulk tomato paste from Asia

  • ​Today, many different manufacturers produce bulk tomato paste from Asia. Naturally, not all of these tomato pastes have the necessary standards. There are two types of tomato paste, either bulk tomato paste or packaged in paste cans. Our collection, by producing the best and most standard bulk tomato paste, has guaranteed sales in Put your agenda.
  • Many bulk tomato paste factories produce this product in unfavorable conditions. It has even been observed that these workshops do not cook tomatoes under standard conditions. For this reason, some different toxins remain inside the tomato paste, which causes digestive and intestinal problems.
  • A quality bulk tomato paste like our tomato paste should be of high purity. And different vegetables should not be used in its preparation. If you taste our tomato paste, all the paste will melt under your tongue like a dish. And no impurities or waste products remain under your tongue. This is a sign of the quality of bulk tomato paste.
  • In our tomato paste, a small percentage of additives such as salt is used. There is about one and a half percent of salt in this paste, which is half a percent related to the tomatoes themselves. And only one percent salt was used to flavor the paste. In addition, no starch is used in our products. For this reason, if you place it in front of light, the light will not reflect. Because in pastes that use starch, if they are exposed to light, the light will be reflected.
  • Wholesalers of industrial tomato paste in the market by considering different types of pastes in different quality grades and also in different packages with different brands in bulk and in a direct way and without intermediaries and by eliminating the increase of traders’ prices at very high prices. They sell this product more appropriately.
  • Tomato paste is one of the basic needs for most foods, without which the food will not have the desired color and taste; To buy this product virtually and through our website, you can also order and purchase after the necessary checks in this field, which will be delivered in the shortest possible time. Mass production of this product has caused that in addition to meeting the domestic needs of the country to be exported to different countries and in this regard has caused economic growth and prosperity of the country and also created employment for people in this field.
bulk tomato paste from Asia

Export of tomato paste to Africa

  1. Export tomato paste is one of our country’s export products because our country, due to its very good weather conditions, has the possibility of producing unlimited types of tomatoes. Our group, with the best machines for preparing and producing paste, produces the best samples of export-grade paste. In addition to meeting the domestic needs, this group exports its bulk pastes to the target foreign countries with reasonable prices and high quality.
  2. The same paste is sold in different bulk packages and with different weights. You can buy this product right now so that each customer can buy the desired product according to their needs.
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