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Major export of tomato paste easy open to worldwide

What do you know about Major export of tomato paste easy open to worldwide? Are you familiar with the unique features of our products?

Major export of tomato paste

Specifications Easy open tomato paste with quality

  • Tomato paste is one of the most popular condiments in Asian dishes such as minced meat and broth, and even international dishes such as pizza, lasagna and pasta. Tomato paste 800 g Nature is the secret of the deliciousness of your food. This paste is produced in one of the best specialized companies and is of high quality. Another desirable feature of this product is its ease of opening; Tomato paste can give food a unique color and taste or, conversely, make it black in color and taste bad; So be more careful in choosing tomato paste. So you can prepare delicious food. Nature tomato paste is prepared without the use of preservatives and artificial pigments. It also has high quality, taste and concentration.
  • Our products are a well-known and reputable brand in the country’s food industry. The company started its activities with the aim of producing and distributing essential household goods throughout the country. This company has started its activities with the support of several decades of successful presence in the food industry. , To experience rapid and continuous growth, so that in a short time has become one of the main players in the seasoning market and has been able to. Offer a variety of products with other quality such as sauces, tomato paste and canned food to the market. In the near future, it will take the first place in the supply and distribution of basic household goods in the country.
  • Paste is one of the main food additives for people all over the world. And is used in most foods; But the only problem with using this food is that it is too much at the time of purchase and may mold if stored in the refrigerator. And cause diseases. Manufacturing companies have not been able to produce products so far. To solve this problem; But over time, they have added capabilities to the package to address this issue. In addition to easy opening, our company has placed a plastic door on this paste. To be able to close the paste door after use and prevent it from becoming moldy. This is the first step that can be taken. Manufacturers are also expected to design their products that way. So that the user can use them more easily and not face this problem.
  • If you want to eat right, you need to balance the main food groups. This balance is well known in the Food Pyramid. The food you eat falls into one of the pyramid groups: breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs, and plant proteins, fats, and sweets. No group can replace another group. And all these groups are necessary for the body. Just like the shape of the pyramid, the higher you go, the lower your daily intake of these substances should be. By following this food pyramid, you will both eat healthier and not become malnourished or overweight.
Major export of tomato paste

Major export of tomato paste to all over the world

In the case of major exports of tomato paste to the world, the following are observed:

  1. Mechanized and high quality
  2. We have always tried to choose the machines for all our products. To maintain and maximize the beneficial properties of tomatoes, especially lycopene (red pigment) and other available antioxidants, healthy and colorful products, tasty and free of any heavy metals to be produced and packaged.
  3. Reasonable price offered to the customer
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