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Export tomato paste aseptic brix 36-38 in Poland

The Export tomato paste aseptic brix 36-38 in Poland of the best Polish tomato paste with the powerful and very powerful Aymaz brand is done to all neighboring and European countries.

The best export tomato paste aseptic

The best export tomato paste aseptic, which has gained special popularity in terms of quality and beauty of packaging. It is made of the following ingredients:

  • Pure and first-class tomato paste
  • 1.5% table salt
  • without preservatives
  • No unauthorized additives
  • Without the intervention of thickeners such as pumpkin, starch
  • In various packages including metal cans, glass, Aleppo, bulk, aseptic
  • Produced and packaged in different weights.
  • Has a logo related to aymaz Food Industries Company
  • All specifications are written on the packaging in Persian, Arabic, Russian and English.
  • Has a logo of food and medicine health
  • Has a table of nutritional value
  • They are placed in 4, 6 and 12 shearings.
  • Factory and office address is written on the packaging.

Types of tomato paste packaging

First to the Brix 36-38 packaging type

  • In blue metal barrels with a concentration of 38-36 with a weight of 235 kg of pure material and 10 kg of barrel weight is placed on a 4-pallet.
  • This type of packaging is without salt, without preservatives, without additives, 100% pure and in completely hygienic conditions, it is filled in special bags and placed in a metal barrel and sealed. This product is very popular for export. Neighboring countries buy this type of packaging, and use it to make sauces, canned food, and so on.

Among the production packages in this collection, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Tomato paste in metal cans (80, 180, 350, 800, 3000 and 4000 g)
  2. Glass tomato paste (250, 750, 1000 and 1500 g)
  3. Tin tomato paste (10000 and 18000 g)
  4. Tomato paste Sasha and Doi Pack (70 g)
  5. Export aseptic barrels (230 kg)
  6. Bulk tomato paste (225 kg)


Prices of tomato paste in Poland

The price of aseptic paste in Poland is calculated based on the following:

  • order amount
  • Time of purchase
  • domestic sales
  • Sales for export
  • Buy from the factory
  • Buy from intermediaries

Due to the inflation of the dollar rate, the price of aseptic tomato paste is variable and up to date. It is also calculated in foreign currency. Contact our collection to place an order and find out the price.

what aseptic tomato paste

  • Aseptic packaging, which is considered for paste these days, is a type of packaging that makes the paste last longer in the open air and outside the refrigerator. This is the biggest advantage of aseptic packaging. Of course, in addition to tomato paste, other perishable foods can also be provided with this package. Bulk samples must be stored in the refrigerator, but for aseptic types there is no need for this. On the other hand, the export of aseptic tomato paste has caused us to attract more foreign customers every day.
  • Aseptic Brix tomato paste 38-36 with a new barrel suitable for export and Aseptic Brix 38-36 paste with a normal barrel suitable for consumption by domestic factories.
    It should be noted that aseptic paste is of high quality and durability. And is suitable for the production of tomato sauce and other quality products.
  • The preparation and production stages of aseptic tomato paste are not much different from the direct production line, but in the packaging stage, special machines for aseptic packaging must be used.
    This point should also be taken into account in the production of aseptic tomato paste. Use machines that can produce paste with a minimum brix of 32.
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