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Launching price of line production tomato paste in Africa

What factors determine the Launching price of line production tomato paste in Africa? Contact us for a list of costs

production tomato paste in Africa

Factors affecting the price and cost of setting up a tomato paste production line

  • The cost of setting up a tomato paste production line, as you have noticed so far, depends on many factors such as capacity, type of machinery, fully automatic or semi-automatic, all steel or metal part (must have stainless electrostatic paint ) Etc. depends. It is the customers and buyers who determine these costs in relation to their intended budget and market history and many other things. Our sales consultants with experience in market analysis and based on customers’ capital try to introduce the most suitable tomato paste production line to them.
  • The cost of setting up a tomato paste production line does not only include production lines. Another issue that many customers consider to be part of the production line machinery is the capital required for the installation sector. A production line needs a boiler and cooling tower to properly freeze the steam and cool the hot water.
  • The price of tomato paste production line machines is completely dependent on the required material. Most machine parts are made of steel. Accordingly, the most influential issue on the price is the amount of steel used and the cost of its production. Steel prices are changing daily today. This will change the price of paste production line machines. Other factors influencing the price of the paste production line include electric motors, gearboxes, bearings and electrical panels. By changing the price of the mentioned items, fundamental changes will be made in the total cost necessary to set up the production line of tomato paste.
  • It is also worth noting here that these machines are also known as capital goods because they are mostly steel. That is, with the passage of time and their use, their total price does not decrease much. It is possible that with the increase in the amount of steel, the amount of machines, their depreciation cost will be almost increased and the final price of the machine will not decrease.
  • As mentioned in the above sections, the price of the production line depends on many factors. Prices offered from production lines can not be fixed or have price limits. However, the technical department and the sales department of we Company have been able to provide a chart with the name of the price list of the tomato paste production line by calculating the price on a daily basis. This list is designed based on the needs of customers and their communication time. Due to the large volume of daily calls as well as daily changes, this list will be prepared and adjusted for customers who enter the contract phase.
  • Each factory has a different section other than the original production line. These sections include the laboratory section, warehouse, cold storage, facilities section, product storage warehouse and we Company, due to its history in setting up a tomato paste production line, undertakes the task of providing laboratory environment, warehouse equipment, as well as equipment in the facilities department, at the request of customers. The main specialty of our company is the manufacture and supply of canned food industry machinery in both new and second-hand overhaul (reconstructed) forms. But today, various companies in various and related departments are introduced as a subset of we Company, which do all the above under the supervision of our company’s technical experts. This is done by our company to facilitate the construction, equipment and operation of the tomato paste factory.
  • Building a factory comes at a cost. Among these costs, we can mention the construction of the mentioned factory. The construction of the factory and its space is one of the most important factors in determining the construction cost of the tomato paste factory. The space required to build a tomato paste factory is one of the most important issues that is the concern of many people who want to step into the field of production and entrepreneurship. The space required to build a tomato paste factory varies according to the capacity and type of machinery. Another item that can be considered as the cost of building a tomato paste factory is the water purification system. Generally, different factories use purification and hardening systems to prevent wastage and wasteful water consumption.
production tomato paste in Africa

production Tomato paste in Africa

In the previous section, we mentioned how to set up and production tomato paste in Africa. Now, if you are one of the people who intend to set up a production line

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