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Production stages of mechanized tomato paste quality in Europe

We will have a complete description of the Production stages of mechanized tomato paste quality in Europe in detail in the following. Do you want to buy standard industrial tomato paste from the best European company?

Production stages of mechanized tomato paste
Production stages of mechanized tomato paste

Production stages of mechanized tomato paste

  • After the tomato juice is taken using mechanized devices in the previous steps. As we explained in the previous article. Completely and usefully, a few more steps remain to prepare an industrial and very high quality and delicious tomato paste. In this section, we want to explain all these steps to you in detail. And we will explain all the required devices as well as how they work:
  • Juice Tank: After separating the tomato juice (fruit), direct it to the tank for concentration. This tank is used to charge the concentrator. Because the tomato juice produced may not be used immediately. Therefore, it must be stored in a tank. Tomato water tanks are made of stainless steel. And to prevent water from settling (two-phase) and to prevent the floor, it is better to have a stirrer.
  • Cantinius condenser means that the tomato juice is continuously charged to the charger and the paste is discharged from the other part of the appliance. This type of thickener is called cantinium (continuous). The general structure of Cantinius concentrators is as follows. Tomato juice is passed through a SHELL & TUBE heat exchanger by a relatively strong centrifugal pump and its temperature rises. And after passing the converter, it entered the body under a relative vacuum (bull). And because the pressure is low, it starts to boil. Cantinius condensers have different capacities depending on the number of bodies and converters (roshofer) and the dimensions and size of the converters under relative vacuum. Each body and heat exchanger is called an EFFECT. And the number of steps is also effective in the tonnage of the devices. In the Cantinius condenser, two or three phases often supply energy to one phase (EFFECT) or direct vapor and the other phases from indirect vapor (vapor produced from the previous phase). As a result, Cantinius devices consume less steam than batch concentrators (at the same capacity).
  • Batch condenser: The batch device consists of one, two or three bodies (bulls) and a heat exchanger in the form of a shell located at the bottom (end 1.3). In order to prevent the paste from burning in the converter part, the device is equipped with a paddle stirring system in the mentioned part. Due to the need for concentration at low temperatures, for higher quality in production, the system operated under vacuum to lower the boiling point. Therefore, batch concentrator, except for pumps and shell & tube converter, has other accessories of Caninius condenser. This device is used to concentrate tomato juice or dilute paste with high brix.
  • Pasteurizer (pasteurizator): After production using this device, pasteurized paste and this device is a shell & tube converter. The pipes are located in four round trips. The heating system is operated by a converter tank that supplies heat by steam injection. Transfer the paste from the salting tank to the pasteurizer using a menu pump device. The salting tank also has a stirrer.
  • Baking tunnel (can pasteurizer) Can Pasteurizator: After packing the paste in the can, the cans must be sterilized. For this purpose, a cooking tunnel (passing autoclave) is used, which has different types. But the basis of work of all devices is the same. The differences were in the parts of the conveyor and the way the heat was converted. Conveyor systems include chain conveyor, gutter conveyor, wooden conveyor and…
Production stages of mechanized tomato paste
Production stages of mechanized tomato paste

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