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Seller of original homemade tomato paste in Romania

Who is the best Seller of original homemade tomato paste in Romania? How to distinguish the original tomato paste from its counterfeit in Bucharest?

original homemade tomato paste

Recognition of the original home-made tomato paste in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania with a large population. And the consumption of paste in it is high. For this reason, the following are the ways to identify the original homemade tomato paste:

  • Recognizing high quality tomato paste is of particular importance. Because, unfortunately, tomato paste is one of the products in which the possibility of fraud is very high. So if you can distinguish good paste from bad paste, you have taken an important step towards your health and that of your family. Fortunately, good quality tomato paste has many symptoms. With a little care, you can understand these signs and stamp on their quality or lack of quality.
  • Some cheats in the paste have little negative effect and are only for more profit. For example, adding starch or pumpkin to the paste to increase its concentration may only increase the sugar (although this is also dangerous for people with diabetes). But in some cases, fraud and poor quality paste can cause dangerous diseases.
  • For example, if raw tomatoes and green tomatoes are used to prepare the paste. It will contain a toxin called solanine. Solanine can cause many gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammation or inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Therefore, you should be able to identify good quality tomato paste. And then use it for food. Because you are well aware that tomato paste is one of the most widely used condiments in Iran and even in the world.
  • As mentioned, branded tomato pastes are reliable. As for homemade tomato paste, you should buy it from safe places as much as possible. Because some factors are not really recognizable in homemade paste. For example, if the manufacturer has used a lot of benzoate preservatives, it is not at all recognizable to a normal buyer.
  • In the case of good homemade tomato paste, all the said factors about color, concentration and the absence of impurities are established. But they also have another important factor, and that is odor. Fortunately, in the case of homemade pastes, it is possible for the buyer to see and smell them.
  • High quality tomato paste should smell fresh. If you smell unpleasant odors such as mold, sourness or residue, do not go for the paste at all. Because a layer of it may be moldy. But the seller will remove it and offer the rest for sale!
original homemade tomato paste

Tomato paste seller in Romania

Romania is one of the European countries that has a suitable climate for growing tomatoes. But the tomato factory is not very active. That’s why finding a reputable seller is hard work. Here are some tips about our products:

  • Original and quality tomato paste has a health and standard mark; Also, the place of production, features and date of production are listed on it; That’s why most people choose factory-made tomato paste.
  • Fortunately, our tomato paste is produced with good taste and quality and is available in the market with different brands; One of the best names in this field is our company.
    Aymaz paste has a sufficient concentration and has a very good appearance; Also, its packaging is done in a standard way. And therefore favored by domestic vendors; Of course, as stated at the beginning of this article; In addition to domestic consumption, some of the tomato paste products are exported outside Romania; This phenomenon in itself reflects the quality of the product.
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