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Ways to identify tomato paste high quality Asian

Are you familiar with the Ways to identify tomato paste high quality Asian? We will introduce the best sales centers of original tomato paste to you.

Ways to identify tomato paste

Ways to identify tomato paste original

In this section, we will tell you the ways to identify the original tomato paste. When you buy, you can detect counterfeit tomato paste:

  • Industrial pastes are like closed watermelons. Until you buy and open one of them, you can not tell if the tomato paste is good or not. Of course, well-known brands have fortunately passed the test. But in any case, to be sure, you can choose the best paste based on trial and error and paying attention to the techniques that we will say.
  • The first point in high quality tomato paste is the color quality. A paste made from ripe and fleshy tomatoes has a natural color similar to the tomato itself. That is, its color is neither too red nor pale. In addition, the dark red and black color of the paste also indicates its low quality. In fact, high-quality tomato paste is bright red. Tomato-like redness, also called Indian red. If the color of the paste is dark, it can be a sign of high heat or the presence of damage and stains on the tomatoes used. In addition, if you pour the paste into the food and it gives a very red color, it is a sign of artificial colors. A good quality tomato paste in food also turns reddish orange or the same Indian red as we said.
  •  Another point to distinguish good quality tomato paste is its concentration. The paste should not be too watery and loose. This is an obvious fraud in the production of paste. In fact, the paste has not been heated enough and its concentration has not reached the required standard to have more volume! So if you want high quality tomato paste, you should draw a line around loose and watery pastes. Of course, too much concentration is not a sign of good tomato paste. Unfortunately, it is observed that pumpkin puree or starch is poured into the paste to increase the concentration. It is even said that some profiteers use powdered dry bread in paste.
  • The concentration of the paste should be such that when you fry it in oil, it completely dissolves and becomes uniform. If the paste is in the form of a ball and can be difficult to open. It means the existence of one of the mentioned impurities.
  • One method is to pour some paste into water. If the color of the water was more yellowish than red, it indicates the presence of an additive such as pumpkin or starch. Of course, this method does not seem to be very reliable for detecting high quality tomato paste. Because its red color may also be artificial.
  • To identify a good paste, you can spread some paste on a transparent surface in the form of a thin layer. Then examine it carefully. If you see any signs of kernels, skin or black in the paste, then you are dealing with a poor quality paste. Of course, sometimes the industrial paste may mold very soon after opening. This does not mean that the quality of the paste is low. Rather, it indicates that the manufacturer has used less preservatives and vice versa is better. The only important thing in these cases is that the storage conditions of the paste are correct.
Ways to identify tomato paste

Sales centers of high quality Asian tomato paste

Among tomato products, tomato paste stuffing is more popular. And in Asian countries there are many sales centers in this field. And to make a good tomato paste. You can contact our sales expert to buy.

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