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The best principles of growing tomatoes for tasty tomato paste in Europe

We will explain The best principles of growing tomatoes for tasty tomato paste in Europe to you. If you are looking to sell these products, contact us.

tomatoes for tasty tomato paste

The best principles of growing tomatoes in Europe

The tomato plant will grow rapidly after emergence from the soil. If you plan to move the tomato outdoors, you will have to wait until it reaches 6 inches. While there is a good space for growing tomatoes. The air temperature should be such that it is possible to transfer the tomatoes to the garden environment. Adaptation of this plant to its new conditions should have started a week ago. Put the plants in the sun first and then in the shade area.

These plants need to be outdoors for a few hours and gradually get used to these conditions. The placement time should first be one or two hours and then more.

The soil is very important for growing tomatoes, such as eggplant. This soil must have proper nutrients and drainage. By using moss, soil drainage is suitable. Moss can be mixed with compost or leaf soil. To use moss, mix half of the soil with an equal proportion of unripe moss.

The acidity of the soil for growing tomatoes should be between 6 and 7. If this level is less than 6, you should add some dolomite lime to it. If the soil acidity is more than 7, you should add sulfur grains to the soil.

Dig a suitable pit to place the seedlings in the soil. This pit should be such that about 1 to 4 inches of the plant is out of the soil. Add organic matter inside the pit. This will lead to more plant growth.

It will grow fast to fertilize the topsoil.

Get help from a low-nitrogen (concentrated) plant or poultry manure. Fertilization should be repeated once a month. It is better to use a stick to place the plant. This will strengthen the stem and fruit of the tomato plant. This plant is usually watered every 4 to 7 days and in this respect is similar to planting potatoes.

Use plant fertilizers and seaweed to increase the fruitfulness of this plant. This is best done on a weekly basis.

You can harvest tomatoes 60 days after planting. Remove the fruit from the stem with a knife.

Tomato harvest

To grow tomatoes, separate the branches from the tomato plant. The branches are seen between the main and lateral stems.

tomatoes for tasty tomato paste

Sell ​​tomatoes for tasty tomato paste

Here are some tips for growing tomatoes at home:

  • Most people want to grow tomatoes at home. This must be done in certain rules and principles in order to be most effective.
  • It is also possible to plant tomatoes in small gardens. In addition, its pot cultivation is also done. The properties of tomatoes have made it important to grow this vegetable at home.
  • It is also possible to grow tomatoes under certain conditions. For example, this vegetable can survive in a soilless environment using chemical fertilizers. Of course, these methods are not very desirable.
  • Those who are familiar with growing tomatoes are familiar with the difference between organic and commercial cultivation of this vegetable. The organic sample of this vegetable has a better taste than its commercial sample.

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