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The best solution to the problem of proper growth tomato for delicious tomato paste in Europe

We present The best solution to the problem of proper growth tomato for delicious tomato paste in Europe in this article. You can also contact us to get the price of delicious tomato paste.

Tomato for delicious tomato paste

The best solution to the problems of proper tomato growth

  • Excessive watering of the plant
  • This makes the plant look withered and its leaves turn yellow.
  • Solution: Reduce the amount of irrigation in the next irrigation period. Of course, it should be noted that irrigation should not be interrupted for a while, but irrigation should be done according to the previous regular schedule and only the amount of irrigation should be reduced.
  • Excessive dryness of the tomato plant
  • If your plant suffers from severe dehydration, the plant’s leaves will bend down and the leaves will turn yellow. The symptoms of over-drought and over-irrigation are almost the same.
  • Solution: To find out if your plant is severely dehydrated; You should look at the ground and soil around the plant. If the soil is very dry and cracked, this is a sign of water shortage. To address this shortcoming; Water your plant more often in the morning.
  • There are cracks and crevices in the fruit
  • When it comes time to harvest, you may have a problem with a crack in the surface of the crop. The main reason why the fruit cracks is that; This plant has been dormant for some time and has been irrigated abundantly.
  • Solution: When you realize that your plant is dehydrated, you should not suddenly give a lot of water to the plant, but you should water the plant according to a regular plan and only increase the amount of water a little.
  • 4. Creating a cat face complication in tomatoes
  • When we say fruit is the face of a cat, we mean that the fruit, despite being fully grown, has the wrong shape.
  •  In this complication, irregular protrusions usually appear on the plant, which have been very cold during flowering and fruit formation, and pollination has not been done properly and completely. Of course, very hot weather can also cause this.
  • Solution: There is not much you can do in these cases. All you have to do is protect the plant from extreme heat or cold.
  • Fruit rot
  • At first the fruit looks healthy, but when it is time to ripen, the end of the fruit begins to darken and eventually rots. This is mainly due to calcium deficiency. The role of calcium in the plant is very important.
  • Solution: should be before the end of the fruit rots; Fertilize the plant with calcium fertilizers.
  • 6. Bending and wilting of the flower
  • This often happens without any symptoms. While the plant and the flowers are growing well, suddenly the flowers wither without being fertilized and fall off after a while. This complication occurs due to fluctuations in temperature.
  • Solution: To prevent this from happening, you should keep the temperature between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 7. Sun-burned fruit
  • Sunburn is caused by excessive sunlight, which appears as spots on the fruit. (Most spots are white)
  • Solution: All you have to do is avoid too much sunlight.
  • 8. Leaf complexity
  • In this problem, part of the leaves turn yellow and begin to wrinkle and twist. This complication is often caused by over-irrigation, strong sunlight and excessive pruning.
  • Solution: If you have pruned the plant too much, supply the plant with nutrients (fertilizing according to the plant’s needs). Finally, if you think that sunlight is too much for your plant, try to cover your plant.
Tomato for delicious tomato paste

prices Tomato for delicious tomato paste in Europe

As you can see in the previous section, growing tomatoes is very difficult. So it costs a lot to make a delicious tomato paste in Europe. But if you want to make tomato paste yourself. You have to buy a lot of tomatoes. Because cultivating it is hard work. The price of tomatoes in Europe is high and not cheap. It is best to buy delicious tomato paste from a reputable brand of tomato products.

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