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The best seller tomato paste aseptic to Oman

What kind of products does The best seller tomato paste aseptic to Oman? Tomato paste is widely exported from Iran to the Persian Gulf countries.

The best seller tomato paste

The best seller tomato paste in the Persian Gulf

The best seller of tomato paste in the Persian Gulf is the one who pays attention to the quality of tomato paste.
For this reason, the following ingredients of aseptic tomato paste are mentioned:

  • The unit that determines the quality of Brix tomato paste. In the case of production samples, this set shows a number between 36 and 39. Which is a proof of the quality of the products.
    Therefore, when cooking various foods in office, corporate, military or even at home kitchens, less paste was needed.
    And it will bring you higher durability.
  • In general, aseptic paste is the same as concentrated water of first-class tomatoes.
    Which is without additional preservatives or additives. 230 kg barrels are blue.
    Which are very rigid and their body will not be damaged. Tomato paste is poured into sterilized and disinfected plastics.
    And are healthy.
    Then the lid is sealed to allow any activity to prevent pathogens such as fungi.
  • In short, aseptic paste ingredients include premium greenhouse tomatoes.
    Which are oval, fleshy and juicy and are completely red. After passing through disinfection ponds and isolating defective species, it has entered the next stages.
    After preparation, they are transferred to aseptic barrels. The amount of salt added to the paste is very low.
    In order for the product to retain its original taste and show a long life.
  • The shelf life of aseptic paste depends on how it is used. Industrial samples are usually more durable and stable, because few additives have been used in their preparation.
    Factory-produced models are well-adapted to any temperature. And have a higher durability.
  • This product is packaged in containers. Each has different materials, so some of these containers play an important role in durability. Today, models that are produced at home.
    They are packed with different glasses. They are stored in the refrigerator or in a cool place so that they can be used for a longer period of time.
    Many consumers pour this product into small or large jars and put it in the refrigerator to prevent mold after opening the lid.
The best seller tomato paste

Export of aseptic tomato paste to Oman

Oman is one of the countries bordering the Persian Gulf. Which has a large amount of trade in the field of food.
But it can not meet its consumption. Therefore, aseptic tomato paste is exported to Oman from Iran.
The reasons are as follows:

  • Iran because of its very good climate. It is very suitable for producing tomatoes and tomato paste.
    And many factories in the country with different brands operate in this field.
    The export of this product in the global market has many applicants, because it includes hygienic and standard packaging.
    This has a great impact on the quality and durability of the product.
  • The export of tomato paste is very prosperous in our country every year, because different countries want it.
    Business work is considered necessary and important for any country. And it can strengthen the economic base.
    And increase the level of production to a very high level. Using this method, different currencies can be imported into the country.
    And expanded job creation. With the great acceptance of this product by foreign consumers, many people have thought of producing it.
    And they do their best to produce quality samples. In this way, to maintain their brands in global markets.
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