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Buy tomato paste production machines in Denmark

If you are looking to Buy tomato paste production machines in Denmark. You can contact our company’s sales expert to receive the updated price list.

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tomato paste production machines

How different types of tomato paste production machines work

Tomato washing and sorting machine

There are different types of sorting machines, but what is used in sorting tomatoes and fruits such as pears, apples, and peaches is of the roller type (ie it is a roller conveyor system), which must be the part that is related to fruits or tomatoes. Stainless steel or aluminum.

Crushing machine

There are different types of shredders, but for tomatoes, the type of comb or disc is used. While the type of comb is used for tomatoes, it can also be used for chopping relatively hard fruits such as pear apples and even beets.

Menu pump

After the chopping operation, the chopped tomato (fruit) should be taken to the pre-cooking machine for pre-heating and heated there to perform the pre-cooking step of the tomato, which is used by a concentrating pump called menu pump.

 Perry Heating

Pre-heating in tomatoes can be done in two ways:

1. Hot Break Hot Break

2. Cold Break

The only difference between the two methods is the amount of heat given to the tomato.

Hot Break

As its name suggests, in this method, tomatoes are pre-cooked at a temperature between 95-90 degrees, which causes complete loosening of the tomato texture, so when some of the fruit or tomato texture is smoothed with its water. Isolated (so-called has a higher viscosity), which naturally produced paste, will have a higher viscosity. Due to the fact that tomatoes should be pre-cooked at a higher temperature, so it should be noted that at this temperature we may suffer burns, so the burn agent should be removed or reduced from the system, which is done with a vacuum tank (stainless steel). Steel) is done to reduce the bubbles in chopped tomatoes. The hot-break heating system, like most indirect heat exchangers in the food industry, is of the shell & tube type. Due to the fact that the converter is of shell & tube type, an all-steel centrifugal pump device is used to generate the flow. Due to the above, hot breakers are usually relatively more expensive than other types.


As the name implies, preheating in this method is done at a lower temperature than the previous method (hot break) (at a temperature of 75 degrees). Therefore, due to the low temperature of the pre-cooking, there is little need for a vacuum system to prevent burns, and also due to the low temperature of pre-heating of tomato tissues, it has not passed through a strainer. is. Like other converters in the food industry, the cold break cooker is in shell & tube, but in series. Because less material is used in 4 of the 7 cold-breakers, they are much cheaper than hot-breakers.


After preheating, the tomato becomes a pulp that must be separated from the water, which is done by a strainer. There are different types of filters, but the basis of their work is the same. Types of filters include rotary filters with low speed or turbo filters with revolutions of 900rpm to 1400rpm.

 Tomato Juice Tank

After separating the tomato juice (fruit), it is directed to the tank for concentration, which is used to charge the concentrator. Because the tomato juice produced may not be used immediately, it should be stored in a tank. Tomato water tanks are made of stainless steel and it is better to have a stirrer to prevent water from settling (two phases) and to prevent foam.

Cantinius condenser means that the tomato juice is continuously discharged to the charger and the paste is removed from the other part of the device. This type of thickener is called cantinium (continuous). The general structure of the cantinium condensers is such that the tomato juice is passed through a SHELL & TUBE heat exchanger by a relatively strong centrifugal pump and its temperature is increased.

tomato paste production machines

Buy Cheap Tomato Paste in Denmark

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