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Teaching a variety of tomato paste dishes organic in France

Are you looking for Teaching a variety of tomato paste dishes organic in France? Here we will teach you how to prepare vegetable ratatouille and how to buy tomato paste.

tomato paste dishes

Cooking with a variety of tomato paste dishes

Cooking is one of the favorite jobs of most people in the world, especially women. On the other hand, due to the unique properties of tomatoes and also tomato paste is better. Include a variety of tomato paste foods in your weekly diet. So here we teach you how to prepare French ratatouille:


Zucchini two large 100 g / 18 calories

Eggplant a large number of 100 grams / 17 calories

Tomatoes 3-4 medium and firm 100 g / 15 calories

Red or green bell pepper a large number of 100 g / 15 calories

White onion, an average of 100 grams / 5 calories

Half a clove of garlic 100 g / 120 calories

Multi-stuffed basil (healthy and chopped) 100 g / 40 calories

Optional oil 100 g / 900 calories

Optional salt 100 g / 0 calories

Black pepper to taste 100 g / 0 calories

Thyme powder as desired 100 g / 276 calories

Optional white vinegar 100 g / 22 calories

Pizza cheese or grated Parmesan cheese approximately 4 tablespoons 100 g / 452 calories

Preparation method:

Coarsely chop the onion and heat on high heat for 3 minutes. Then add the pieces of red or green bell pepper that you have chopped to the same size and keep the flame high. Adjust the amount of oil to prevent the ingredients from settling.

The bottom of the pan should have enough oil in all places. After another 3 minutes, first chop half a clove of garlic and fry in a frying pan for 1 or 2 minutes, and then add the eggplant and squash, which you have cut diagonally and completely thick (at least 2 cm). .

Eggplants and squash take about 10 to 15 minutes to cook relatively well. If you see food running low during this time, just lower the heat a little, but be careful not to overcook the food, as all of these vegetables should Fry well.

If they are cooked in their own water, your ratatouille will not give its original taste. At this stage, put the tomatoes, which you have sliced ​​relatively thick (the same 2 cm), seeds in the pan and maximize the flame. Add black pepper and white vinegar.

Stir the ingredients at maximum heat for 4 to 5 minutes, without the door, being careful not to crush the tomatoes or spill water. After making sure the tomatoes are fried, pour the thyme powder and chopped basil on the ingredients and Leave the dish for a few minutes.

Lower the flame (slightly below average) and allow the ingredients to cook at this point and the water to evaporate, so the pan should not be capped. After these steps, turn off the stove. Keep the various rings of ratatouille ingredients that you kept healthy while cooking.

Put in a suitable dish and cover it with a layer of pizza cheese or grated Parmesan before the food loses its heat. In order for the cheeses to melt, the food must be hot. Place a few basil feathers on the dish for decoration.

tomato paste dishes

Learn to buy organic tomato paste in France

The production of organic tomato paste, due to its natural nature, consisting of first-class tomatoes with 1.5% salt without preservatives, is the responsibility of our food industry company. Apply to register your order through the contact form.

Everything has to be natural to make organic tomato paste. This means that the following should not be used in the composition of these products:

the keeper




Other chemicals

These products do not contain any abnormal substances and harmful to the body, including heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and can be consumed safely. With these interpretations, the consumption of organic products, in addition to having a positive effect on human health, is also beneficial for the environment.

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