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How to store home made tomato paste in the UK

In this article, we will explain the How to store home made tomato paste in the UK along with the tips to prevent mold of all kinds of pastes.

store homemade tomato paste

Tips to prevent mold from homemade paste

First of all, we must say that the half-life of homemade paste depended on the method of making and consistency, which are two very important factors:

1- Concentration and being without water

2- Salt

This means that the higher the concentration of the paste, the longer it will last, and let your paste boil well and become firm and the juice will be drawn.

The second factor is high salt, which makes it more durable.

Try to add more salt, but be careful to add less salt so that it does not become food.

Be sure to pour solid oil on the dishes that you do not use at the moment and there is a surplus to prevent the paste from blowing in the air and not to become moldy.

These are the two methods used by the ancients and the old grandmothers to keep the paste without a refrigerator.

store homemade tomato paste

How to store homemade tomato paste in the UK

We will explain how to store homemade tomato paste in London:

1- Tomato paste should be even thick and ripe. If the paste reaches a sufficient concentration, it will not mold for a long time and will remain healthy.

2- It is better to use glass containers to store the paste. In addition to being healthier, this causes the paste to spoil later.

3- The container in which you are going to pour the paste should be completely dry and clean.

4- Pour oil on the paste so that air does not enter the paste and the paste does not mold. It is better to melt solid oil and pour it on all jars of paste. Oil prevents air from penetrating into the glass.

5- When cooking, as I explained above, add oil to the paste at the end of cooking to increase the shelf life of the paste.

6- The lid of the paste container should be completely tight to prevent air from entering it.

7- After cooking the paste and making the paste container, place the paste container in the opposite side of the container lid overnight so that the air inside the glass is completely removed from the container.

8- Add salt to the tomato paste while cooking to prevent the paste from spoiling.

9- Put the paste container in a cool place.

10- To remove the paste, always use a clean and dry spoon, and after removing the required amount, close the paste lid quickly so that it does not come into contact with too much air.

11- If the paste is in a large container, it is better to divide it into smaller containers and pour oil on each container so that it spoils later. The smaller the container, the sooner it is consumed so it does not spoil.

12- When you open the paste, you must put it in the refrigerator so that it does not spoil.

How to store homemade tomato paste in the freezer

The best way to put the paste in the freezer is to pour the tomato paste into the freezer bag and spread it.

The glass does not react with its inner material and this helps your paste stay clean and fresh.

* Store in the refrigerator

* Pour a thin layer of oil on the paste

As mentioned, the most important cause of mold on the surface of tomato paste is its reaction with oxygen in the air.

One of the old ways of storing tomato paste at home is to pour a thin layer of oil on the paste container. This will stop the oxygen supply to the tomato paste and the paste will no longer mold.

* Use small containers

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