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tomato paste Planting steps homemade in Europe

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tomato paste Planting

tomato paste Planting steps

Here we want to teach the planting steps for tomato paste:

Step 1. Fill the tray with soil

Fill the seedling tray with soil to the brim

Step 2. Placing the seeds in the tomato planting stages

Use a small stick to make a hole 2 cm deep in the soil of each tray house. Put a few seeds in each hole. Cover the hole with soil.

Step 3. Water the seedling tray

Wash the soil thoroughly in a tray of water. Attach the tray label to distinguish it from other germinated seeds.

Step 4. Cover the tray with a plastic sheet

Make sure the clear part of the sheet is on the ground

And the dark part of the sheet should be exposed.

Tomatoes love sunlight, but not during the germination process.

The plastic sheet monitors the amount of light reaching the grain and the temperature.

After germination, remove the plastic sheet.

Step 5. Monitor the germination process and plant growth

The best temperature range to facilitate germination is 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but the lower range during germination may reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes a week for the first bud to appear.

When the first bud appears, move the germination tray to a sunny spot.

At this stage, the seedlings mature in about 3 weeks for transplanting. Hold the soil during seedling growth.

Step 6. Prepare the soil for planting seedlings

Tomatoes prefer to grow in fertile soil rich in organic matter with good drainage. The best choice is sandy loam soil.

Be aware that tomatoes tolerate slightly acidic soils with a pH of 6 to 6.8, but can adapt to pH below 5.5 in soil acidity.

Combine 2 parts fertile soil with 3 parts compost. Mix the soil with your hands.

You can measure soil pH at home.

Step 7. Close the bottom of the pot with a few stones

Choose a large pot that will facilitate good drainage. Close the holes at the bottom of the pot with a few stones.

Step 8. Prepare the pot with soil

Prepare the pot with soil, filling it 1 to 2 inches from the edge so that your pot does not overflow after watering.

Step 9. Carefully separate the buds from the seedling tray

Using a stick, carefully separate the buds from the germination tray.

Place the stick under the roots, then gently push upwards so as not to affect the roots.

Step 10. Plant the seedlings in the soil

Make a deep hole in the soil in the pot. Gently insert the seedlings into the hole.

Fill the hole with soil, fill the roots and lower stems.

Make sure your seedlings are in the right position if you do not want to grow them like a Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Step 11. Water and plant label

The two factors that tomatoes like are the sun and plenty of water. But do not soak any soil-soaked plants in water.

Water your seedlings freely, tomatoes are adapted to moisture.

The plant label is for your convenience so that you do not forget your tomato planting date later.

Step 12. Monitor progress

Tomatoes need 8 hours of sunshine a day, so be sure to move your pot to an area that receives more sunlight.

When the tomatoes start to grow, shake the tomatoes.

After the seedlings have given yellow blooms, they need special care.

Temperature changes are critical to a healthy fruit.

Most diseases (bloating rot) and similar problems can be controlled with balanced irrigation.

Do not wet the leaves of damaged plants while watering.

When small green fruits appear, green worms become insect eggs and unskilled manipulation of the plant pest.

Step 13. Peel the ripe tomatoes

Discoloration is a prominent indicator of fruit ripening. The stem of the hand and the fruit are on the other side of the stem. Gently separate the stem.

Tiny tomatoes should be touched, but not too hard or too soft.

Destroying ripe tomatoes also relieves stress and gives the remaining fruits a better chance.

tomato paste Planting

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