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Import aseptic tomato paste brix 36_38% in drum 220l

Where to Import aseptic tomato paste brix 36_38% in drum 220l? Who is the best seller of Bulk Tomato Paste? Do you know how high brix tomato paste is produced?

Import aseptic tomato paste

Check Production of Brix Tomato Paste 36_38%

Tomato paste is one of the food products that has special terms. That is, there are steps during its production.
This change in the type of tomato paste and the price difference. One of which is Brix, and we are going to discuss this below:

  • In the process of tomato paste packaging line, the filtered tomato juice from the tomato paste production line comes to be prepared to condense and complete the packaging process.
  •  Tomato paste concentrator or so-called vacuum batch concentrator is one of the tomato paste baking machines in the paste packaging process.
  •  Used to increase the concentration of tomato paste. This machine performs the condensation process using the plate and tube mechanism. The process of converting tomato paste into tomato paste is carried out in a vacuum system.
  •  This reduces the boiling point of the boiling water and enhances the quality of the condensation process.
  • Special heaters are used in the heat exchanger part of the machine to prevent burnt water.
  • So the price of Brix Tomato paste is 36-36 percent higher than other percentages. Because more tomatoes are needed to produce it.
Import aseptic tomato paste

Import aseptic tomato paste

Well, as we discussed in the previous section, one of the terms tomato paste. In this section we also want to explain another common term used in a lot of businesses.
And it is a aseptic that is usually sold in exports of that kind. Here’s the definition of aseptic in the food industry:

  • It actually means disinfecting, but in the industry it is also referred to as packaging of products.
  •  aseptic increases the stability of a product.
  •  The spastic process is referred to as a process in which the packaged product does not need to be refrigerated.
  •  This process is used as a suitable replacement for freezing foods such as milk, yogurt, eggs and so on.
  • The aseptic stages are of three categories, which we refer to below:
  • Thermal sterilization of the product
  • Sterilization of packaging
  • Keep sterilized while packing
  • The top producer of aseptic tomato paste should use the most mechanized machines.

Imports aseptic tomato paste are usually done by countries. In which the tomatoes do not produce much. Or the type is not suitable for paste preparation.
On the other hand, there may be no paste production machines in those countries. Or they want to import cheaper tomato paste.

Import aseptic tomato paste

Seller of tomato paste in a 220 liter drum

Well, in the previous sections, you are familiar with the aseptic and brix percentage of tomato paste. Now we go to the sales centers for this product. Of course, first of all, we will deal with the type of aseptic tomato paste. aseptic packaging is usually used for export tomato paste. Which is put in a drum and weighs 220 liters.
These sterilized blue barrels are commonly used for export. Because they can be kept outside for awhile longer. It is possible that everyone who produces tomato paste.
It cannot produce tomato paste in the drum. But if you are looking for a seller of this type of packaging we will introduce you.

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