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Lowest price Cold break tomato paste in Norway

What are the criteria based on the Lowest price Cold break tomato paste in Norway? What is the difference between hot break and cold break tomato paste?

price Cold break tomato paste

Definition of tomato paste and summary of its production in Norway

Tomato paste is a transformative food product. As a tomato extract, it contains a large amount of the mentioned properties of tomatoes. Which is used as a seasoning in most foods. And it is a unique flavoring and coloring.

In Norway, in the not-so-distant past, everyone used to cook their own paste traditionally at home. In this traditional method, the tomatoes are washed and soaked in water for a day and chopped. And after a while, press to get the tomato juice out. Then pour it in a strainer to separate the tomato juice from the pulp. Then, from this stage, boil the strained tomato water to thicken it. And tomato paste is obtained and stored in earthenware or glass.

The following is a summary of the paste production process:

1. Get the tomatoes

2. Soaking and washing the tomato preparations

3. Serving and washing tomatoes

4. Chop the tomatoes

5. Initial baking

6. Filtration

7. Formulated tank

8. Concentrate tomato juice

9. Pasteurization

10. Filling in cans and capping

11. Pasteurization of filled cans

12. Pass under a cold shower

13. Drying

14. Labeling and packaging

price cold break tomato paste

Differences between the mechanisms of hot break and cold break tomato paste

In general, the production of tomato paste is done by two mechanisms, hot-breaking and cold-breaking. The main difference between the two mechanisms is the amount of temperature applied in the preheating process. The required temperature of the preheater is 65 to 70 degrees Celsius for the cold-breaking mechanism and 90 to 98 degrees Celsius for the hot-breaking mechanism.

Temperatures above 90 ° C inactivate the enzyme pectin. Which will ultimately lead to greater product consistency. Therefore, the hot break mechanism is generally suitable for items such as tomato paste, which has a higher viscosity.

The cold break mechanism is commonly used to produce products such as tomato concentrate, which has a lower viscosity.

The product obtained by the cold-breaking mechanism, due to the activity of the pectin enzyme, retains more of the true flavor of the tomato, however, it has less consistency than non-enzyme products such as paste.

The preheater is used to perform pre-cooking operations on the tomato paste production line. Both hot-break and cold-break processes can be done by this device. In the hot break process, a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees Celsius is applied to the tomatoes. Which loosens the tomato texture and produces a paste product with a higher viscosity. In the hot break process, to prevent the paste from burning and blackening, the bubbles in the tomato juice are removed from the preheater by a device called a vacuum tank. In the cold break method, the preheating is done with a lower temperature than the hot break. The typical temperature in the cold break method is between 75 and 80 degrees Celsius. And due to the low heat in this method, vacuuming is not necessary to create a vacuum.

price cold break tomato paste

The lowest price cold break tomato paste

The reasons for the difference in the price of cold break tomato paste compared to hot break are as follows:

As the name implies, preheating in this method is done at a lower temperature than the previous method (hot break) (at a temperature of 75 degrees). Therefore, due to the low pre-cooking temperature, there is little need for a vacuum system to prevent burns.  

Also, due to the low temperature of pre-heating operation, tomato tissues did not pass through the strainer. As a result, tomato juice and the obtained paste have a lower viscosity. Like other converters in the food industry, the cold break cooker is in shell & tube, but in series. Because less material is used in 4 of the 7 cold breakers. Therefore, their price is much cheaper than hot break.

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